Riot Games: VALORANT servers to go down for maintenance

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Posted on: April 14, 2020 6:54 pm EDT

The new eSports game is going to go offline to make some enhancements

For those players that were hoping to wake up and continue exploring the scenarios in the new video game VALORANT, they’ll need to wait a few hours due to scheduled maintenance. Riot Games has confirmed that it will be taking down the gamer’s servers for a couple of hours during this morning to conduct some enhancements, including the patching some audio bugs and map exploits.

The downtime started at 6:30 AM CT when the server queues were frozen, and then they were scheduled to go offline at 8 AM. According to the company, everything will be back up at 11 AM CT. For European players, the update will not occur until tomorrow when Riot will start freezing games in early morning hours.

The beta version of VALORANT has been a tremendous his, particularly on Twitch. Most of the video game streamers are featuring this game on the site while playing the beta version with drops enabled. Streamers like Summit1g, Lirik, DrLupo, Dr. Disrespect, among others, are all engaged in playing this very captivating game. Even though Riot Games said that maintenance would only take two hours, it is still a beta version, so gamers should be prepared to have a backup activity in case something happens.

The beta version of VALORANT might be extended throughout the entire summer until Riot is ready to release the full game version. This decision to fix some bugs came from several reports from users who were facing unpleasant angles for picks on the three maps that are available. Also, several players reported that there were some weird spots around all three maps in which Sage walls can be placed.