Victoria’s Secrets won’t be secret thanks to new crypto malware

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Posted on: May 6, 2020 7:30 pm EDT

Ransomware attacks continue to increase, and have now attacked the lingerie company

The current world crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has stopped most of financial activity in the world, except for crypto hackers. During the last week, several ransomware attacks have been spotted targeting medical care units, hundreds of thousands of parcel deliveries during the pandemic and even a lingerie manufacturer company. Victoria’s Secret, a world-renowned manufacturer of beauty products, has been a victim of one of these ransomware attacks. The company is being threatened with leaking sensitive data if it refuses to make the required payments.

According to Sky News, Beyoncé and Victoria’s Secret Sri Lanka-based lingerie maker, MAS Holdings, was also attacked with a type of ransomware known as “Nefilim.” The online criminal group claims to have stolen at least 300 GB of private company’s files and as evidence, the group posted some of these documents online. According to Sky News, these criminals could be attempting to take advantage of this break to also target the company’s commercial partners.

The company was fast in sending an email to all of its partners to alert them on any data that could possibly be stolen. “MAS is constantly reviewing its security posture and threat actors do attempt to penetrate our network at times. We also adopt best practices in line with industry standards in managing such threats,” said the email.

Regarding this series of attacks, Brett Callow, threat analyst at Emsisoft spoke with Cointelegraph to give additional details of the attack. He explained, “Exfiltrating data providers the cybercrime groups with additional leverage to extort payment and also add them with additional monetization options. Should the company not pay, the stolen data can be sold, traded, or spear for phishing attacks on other organizations. In fact, the actors may do that whether the company pays.”