Poker Software Update: April 2020

New Features

– Option to convert chip display to number of big blinds.
– Update box includes a link to Upcoming Updates Schedule post at
– New Mobile Lobby Design
– New Avatar: Count von Count.
– New Slots Available (button at the top of the main lobby)


– Stability Updates.
– Pre-action buttons width adjustment (avoid misclicks).
– Disconnect Time Bank improvement and logic review.
– When sitting out, show folded cards on mouse hover.
– Leave table open after busting out of a tournament.
– Expand/collapse table box by pressing the left side icons.
– General menu and settings clean up.
– Chinese language options.

Bug Fixes

– Client open sometimes prevents other applications from using Function buttons.
– Login status in the title bar not updating when logged out after logging in on a different device.
– Filter not working inside Blitz Poker Tab.
– Mobile JPT cashier button opening wrong version.
– Villain avatar getting stuck in ‘expanded’ mode.
– Auto-switch tables not working correctly on Mac
– When ‘post dead’ goes all in and BB checks, the post dead’s cards are revealed before going to showdown.
– Day1/Day2 tournaments player count not matching fix.

Relevant news