April 16th Update

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Posted on 04/27/2020

New Features
– New chip display logic. Follow the action with the number of stacks.
– Mobile: Cyclones
– New Avatar: The Rock.

– Stability Improvements.
– Larger community cards.
– Larger fonts for bet amounts and pot amounts.
– Option in Settings to disable hero’s glowing avatar on turn to act.
– Clicking on cyclones in Qualifiers section of tournament lobbies will open Cyclones registration.
– Players are only able to observe one table at a time.
– Disconnect time bank improvements.
– New sign-up page.
– Lobby data rendering improvements.

Bug Fixes
– Tables will no longer get focus on turn to act when a pre-action button has been selected.
– Cyclone entry not dealing next hand.
– Player gets kicked off the table instead of sat out in cash games after disconnect time bank is depleted.
– Change in settings will no longer remove individual table settings: table felt change and BB Display.
– Tournament crash bug.