May 27th Update

#winningpokernetwork #americascardroom May 27th, 2020 – Downtime (7am to 8:30 am ET) New Features – Spin to Get In Auto-Spin (Saving players’ click-finger all over the world). – Bomb Pots. – WPN custom fonts for nameplates, bets, and pot. (Suck it, bots) Improvements – Stability Improvements – Mucked hands automatically shown to the hand participants. […]

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Poker Software Update: April 29th, 2020 – Downtime (6am to 7am ET)

New Features – New chip display logic. Follow the action with the number of stacks. – Mobile: Cyclones – New Avatar: The Rock. Improvements – Stability Improvements. – Larger community cards. – Larger fonts for bet amounts and pot amounts. – Option in Settings to disable hero’s glowing avatar on turn to act. – Clicking […]

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Poker Software Update: April 2020

New Features – Option to convert chip display to number of big blinds. – Update box includes a link to Upcoming Updates Schedule post at – New Mobile Lobby Design – New Avatar: Count von Count. – New Slots Available (button at the top of the main lobby) Improvements – Stability Updates. – Pre-action […]

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Poker Software Update: March 2020

Improvements Stability Updates. Bot breaking/detecting improvements. Mobile – Improved table layout and design. Desktop table graphics improvement: Bigger action buttons. Different preaction buttons. Avatar/Nameplate highlight on turn to act. Table shadow. New dealer button. Blitz Poker capped to 5 tables across all stakes. Blitz Poker, ‘Waiting for other players…’ message only shows after waiting 3 […]

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