Vince Carter weighs in on whether the NBA should play games without fans

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Posted on: May 5, 2020 5:19 pm EDT

The basketball star thinks players should be more concerned with performance than with fans

The American professional basketball player, Vince Carter, appeared last Saturday on “The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie,” where he spoke a little about the future of the NBA after the coronavirus pandemic. The 43-year-old Atlanta Hawk player said during the show that players shouldn’t even worry about playing on empty courts and insisted that NBA athletes must adapt to whatever is thrown at them. According to Carter, playing without fans shouldn’t even be a concern.

When Carter was asked about the possibility of resuming games, but without the presence of fans around the court, he said, “I’ve been dying to answer this question… When you toss that ball up and competition starts, and you’re in battle, how often do you worry about the fans? Yes, you hear them cheering, and booing you, I get that. But you’re in a competition, you’re in battle. You should be focused on the guy in front of you or the task at hand.” If it yet to be known if Carter will return at all, he did say back in March that it be “cool” for his final memory of his career to be hitting an open three.

Regarding basketball action, it can’t be said with certainty if this year’s season will be completed at all; however, NBA said on Monday that May 8 could be the date in which some teams might return to training fields – at least the teams based on a city with more permissive stay-at-home orders. One of the options the NBA could be weighing in is to opt for a more neutral site to host games, like the Walt Disney World Resort, which has come up in some conversations.