Webcam based poker platform Dealio could shake up online poker

Dave Consolazio
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Posted on: September 15, 2021 1:55 am EDT

On Tuesday, September 14, Barry Greenstein and Anna Wroblewski played in a heads-up sit & go live on the Dealio Webcam Poker platform to promote the platform’s functionality. Greenstein is one of the poker ambassadors attached to the Dealio project alongside two-time WSOP bracelet winner Nathan Gamble and three-time Poker After Dark winner Clonie Gowen. This webcam-based poker software is easy to use, fun to play on, and currently open to the public for free-play beta testing.

How Dealio works

Poker players who want to try Dealio out can do so by visiting Players are asked to sign in using their email address or preferred social media platform. Once logged in, players can use the wall mirror to the top left of the screen or the “Settings” tab on the top right to access the site’s settings. Here, they can create a username and test their current webcam and microphone setup.

Once you have confirmed that your webcam and microphone are working properly, you can join a play-money table by clicking on the poker table or using the “Join Table” tab at the top of the screen. Activity on the site has varied from day to day during the beta. Players that want to make sure they have the chance to try the software out firsthand can hop on during Barry Greenstein’s “office hours” every Thursday from 10:30am to 11:30am PST, or follow Dealio on Twitter for updates on scheduled events.

The software is attractive and easy to use. The webcam elements work seamlessly with the platform’s digital poker elements, which were all built from scratch by Dealio’s coding team. Since all of the dealing on the site is done digitally, the live dealers serve as customer service representatives that can answer your questions, troubleshoot problems and protect the integrity of the game in real time. Dealio Webcam Poker has managed to strike a balance between the convenience of online poker and the social elements of live poker.

When will Dealio go live?

Dealio’s software has received rave reviews from players who have had the chance to try it. The platform could work in a competitive real-money setting and would be great for live-streamed online events. But its most natural application would be in a home-game setting. How fun would it be to play with friends around the world using technology that incorporates webcam integration? Dealio even has a built in digital rail that allows players who have busted out of the tournament to stay on their webcams off to the side of the table.

Unfortunately, there are no concrete plans for Dealio’s official release. The company is not looking to go into business as its own real-money poker site. Instead, it’s hoping to find a strategic partner in an already established poker site that would be interested in incorporating Dealio’s patent-pending software into its existing product.

So what does the future hold for Dealio? It is still too early to say. The software is ready to go and could be rolled out in a month or two on a new platform once the right business partner comes along. When that day comes, Dealio’s smooth interface and webcam integration could change the way we look at online poker.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter – Dealio