Wisconsin startup brings AI to ROI transparency in the sports gambling space

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Posted on: May 25, 2020 6:03 pm EDT

Artificial intelligence might be making it easier for sports gamblers to turn a profit

It was a matter of time before artificial intelligence (AI) would be taken to the next level in the sports gambling industry. A Wisconsin-based startup founded by Zach Nichols came across the idea to begin a company based on an algorithm that was capable of predicting NBA games with a high level of accuracy. The company, FixdPicks, is offering a subscription service that will grant access to the picks selected by this algorithm that has shown high accuracy.

AI has a way to efficiently review many more data points than a traditional expert; therefore, it can make predictions regarding the winning teams better than any individual would, according to Nichols. One of the factors that makes AI-powered software much more efficient is that any human error is getting removed from the equation. It is true that some people enjoy following their “gut feeling” when choosing the winning team; however, FixdPicks offers a smarter opportunity for gamblers to make the most out of their money investment.

This is not the only site out there offering this kind of service – there are big names, such as SportsLine and Action Network, in the mix. But, according to co-founder Caleb Dykema, there is a key difference between FixdPicks and the competition, which is that “you cannot find [the competitors] numbers anywhere. What we really wanted to do is be transparent. We want people to know our numbers.”

These numbers mentioned by Dykema include things like accuracy on the results and how much money a gambler can expect to win from using this service. For the company, offering a statistic on the return of investment can lead potential clients to see what the benefits of paying the subscription service are even before making a pick or paying for it.