World Game Protection Conference moving forward this October

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Posted on: June 26, 2020 6:49 pm EDT

The live conference follows a virtual event that will be held next month

A conference dedicated to protecting the gambling industry, the World Game Protection Conference (WGPC), was originally scheduled for March but, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was moved to October 5-8. This conference focuses on areas where casino operations have vulnerabilities and possible threats. During this event, presenters and attendees raise awareness, share ideas and discuss practices for reducing and spotting risks and protecting the companies’ profit.

The WGPC is an open event that welcomes casino managers, surveillance employees and regulatory bodies. Also, for those who work in observing, detecting, investigating, reporting and acting to fight unwanted situations in the casino industry, the WGPC events can be certainly useful. Several topics will be covered in this year’s conference that will take place at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. The organizers bring valuable educational content to key employees in the industry who are seeking to better understand how to protect a casino amid an environment that is in constant change.

Conferences have the advantage that can bring people with a common goal together and share useful advice. This is something that this conference considers important, so it also offers a networking opportunity in which attendees and presenters can build business relationships and even friendships with people who can provide support. Topics are very diverse, and the event involves a lot of artificial intelligence (AI) devices that are being integrated into the casino security sector like the use of AI to help detect gambling problems or AI-based cameras to help combat internal theft.