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WSOP Circuit Tulsa
August 15, 2023
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August 15, 2023
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Hamid Izadi won TWO Circuit rings in Tulsa!

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Circuit regular Hamid Izadi won two WSOPC rings in Tulsa this week, bringing his career total to FIVE!

Oh yeah, he also scooped almost $25,000 in just a couple of days :)


Mark Barrientos Is Crowned The New WSOPC Tulsa Main Event Champion!

Rachel Kay Miller | 8131 Media

After a total of 397 entrants came out to play in this WSOPC Tulsa Main Event. This created a massive prizepool of $601,455 and ensured that the winner of said event would take home $126,900. From that starting field, 64 returned yesterday, with only 7 hopefuls returning today.

After over four hours of play today, it was WSOPC ring winner Mark Barrientos who won his second ring for his first WSOPC main event title. The Wichita Kansas resident won his first ring in 2019 for $11,348. This score is not only significantly larger, but his first six figure score of his poker career.

“The first ring meant a lot,” he recalled when asked about the experiences of winning this one versus the previous “a lot of guys made fun of me because it was a turbo tournament, so I felt that I had something to prove. This one feels a little better because I think I played better through this one.”

Barrientos came into the day as the shortest stack, but persevered through his patience. “The structure of this tournament is very helpful with it. It has big pay jumps, and it tends to pay off people who are patient and that was my plan coming into the day today.”

On top of the prize and the ring, Barrientos gets a seat to go play in the tournament of champions in Las Vegas 2024. “We plan to spend a lot of time out there anyway, but this here is icing on the cake.”

Final Table Results

  1. Mark Barrientos - $126,900
  2. Lionel Jiang - $78,440
  3. Brent Gregory - $56,785
  4. James Stone - $41,707
  5. Wayne Nicholsen - $31,087
  6. Tomas Teran - $23,519
  7. Mark Martin - $18,065
  8. Angela Jordison - $14,091
  9. Richard Gordon - $11,164

Final Table Recap

First player to go was Mark Martin who came into today second in chips. An early confrontation between him and James Stone saw Stone double up holding eights against Martin’s sevens. This put him on the shorter stack and his end came when he ended up holding eights against Lionel Jiang’s ace-king. The board ran out clean until the river which gave Jiang Broadway to regain his start of day chip lead, while the two time WSOPC champion exited the tournament in seventh place for $18,065.

Tomas Teran could not get anything going at the final table, losing an early flip to Wayne Nicholsen when his pocket tens could not hold against the ace-king. He found himself at risk for his last chips in a blind on blind confrontation where he held nines against Stone’s king queen. The river queen gave the pot to Stone and Teran wished his tablemates luck as he exited in sixth place, collecting $23,519.

Nicholsen’s early fortune would soon run out as he would be next on the chopping block in fifth place. Nicholsen moved all in over Stone’s open with ace-five suited, only for Stone to call him with ace-ten and hold. Stone took a commanding chip lead over the table, while Nicholsen collected $31,087.

While Stone held the lead at the beginning of four-handed play, he would find it soon compromised by Brent Gregory and Jiang creeping up on the lead. After losing a sizable pot to Jiang where a straight came on the board, but Jiang held the higher straight, he was out the next hand when his eights ran into Jiang’s queens. Jiang took the lead while Stone exited in fourth place for $41,707.

A three handed cooler would seal Gregory’s fate as he made middle two against Barrientos’ top two. That cooler gave Barrientos a decent sized stack to go up against Jiang heads up while Gregory ended a fantastic week in Tulsa with a third place finish worth $56,785.

Heads up did not take particularly long as Jiang ended up playing several big pots against Barrientos, where he missed the flop and folded when Barrientos bet. The final hand saw his last few chips in the middle with six-two against Barrientos’ king-two. A king high flop left Jiang drawing dead on the turn and Jiang collected a career best score for $78,440.

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