Carbon Poker
Carbon Poker $5000 super bonus with $10 free bonus
Carbon Poker is granting visitors of an exclusive $5000 bonus with a 200% match as well as a $10 free bonus on top. You are required to enter bonus code FREE10PK upon registration to be eligible for this bonus.
Non-depositors vs. depositors ratio?
1. i haven't deposited in the last 5 years
2. i deposit more than 2 times a month on average over the past 5 years
i haven't deposited on a site in almost 7 years, and don't play to try and get rich overnite. if i needed money, i wouldn't play poker, when you don't need money, is the time to try your luck. i run penny ante free roll winnings, up to a little over $8,000.00 in 3 years. of course i put most of it back in the games. these sites are for recreational play and it should be obvious your gonna have some hair pullin', floor stompin' curse the donk weeks. it should be viewed as a pleasurable past time, and those occasional big hits that come along, are nice and welcome additions to the bankroll, but the real thrill is beatn' the hell outta the competition, regularly hehe. now, how could money be better than braggn' rights to GETTN'RESPECT? sometimes the hunt's better than the catch
3 hours ago
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