Carbon Poker
Carbon Poker $5000 super bonus with $10 free bonus
Carbon Poker is granting visitors of an exclusive $5000 bonus with a 200% match as well as a $10 free bonus on top. You are required to enter bonus code FREE10PK upon registration to be eligible for this bonus.
Do you think there should be a sliding scale as regards quality of poker quizzes?
All quizzes instant 10 points
Delays in awarding points no replies 0 points
1 point for each attempt at the quiz over a week maximum 10 points
Minus 10 points for a quiz which as been previously asked within 7 days
Minus 20 points for a quiz which as been asked numerous times over the year
Minus 1 point for every negative comment
1 point extra for every wrong answer for a good non trivia quiz up to an extra 10 points
A mixture of the above for a good non trivia quiz
A mixture of above for a repeated trivia quiz
A warning for persistent repeated offenders
Ive got more important things to do with my time
6 hours ago
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