2022 WSOP: Dan Zack leads Player of the Year rankings as mid-point approaches

Jon Pill
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Posted on: June 22, 2022 3:43 pm EDT

As the 2022 WSOP approaches its mid-point, the player of the year race has really hits its stride.

Dan Zack tops the leaderboard out with 2,981.36 points and a comfortable lead over Daniel Weinman in second place (2,521.93 points).

The top ten is mostly made up of high-roller regulars who can afford to play the small-field, high-cost tourneys. Players like David Peters (3rd – 2,222.30 points), Chad Eveslage (4th – 2,012.12 points), Scott Seiver (6th – 1,910.98 points), and Shaun Deeb (8th – 1,824.96 points).

The smaller fields of high roller events make the odds of getting a string of deep cashes; it takes a string of them to pull yourself to the top of the POY rankings.

Somewhat awkwardly, Jake Schindler (1,842.34 points) is also still in the top ten having just won his first bracelet. He is down to 9th place from 1st.

The suits at Caesars must have sighed with relief when Schindler came down in the rankings a bit. One of the prizes for winning the POY race is a banner at Paris and/or Bally’s. I do not envy the exec who has to figure out what to do with that banner if an accused but unproven cheat won. The potential for embarrassment is considerable.

The winner of the POY race will also get a unique trophy and a ticket to the 2023 WSOP Main Event.

Perhaps the most exciting name on the list is Phil Ivey. He is hot off a second-place finish in the $100k high roller, he has come in on the rankings at 10th with 1,680.28 points. Thrilling as it would be to see Ivey win, he is a bit of a long shot for player of the year. This is not because he doesn’t have the chops for it — he has chops for days — but because he doesn’t tend to put in much volume at the series.

His aim is usually profit, not glory. He is still worth watching though. After all, who says you can’t have both.

2022 Player of the Year top ten rankings at the midway point

RankingPlayer NameLeaderboard Points
1stDaniel Zack2,981.36
2ndDaniel Weinman2,521.93
3rdDavid Peters2,222.30
4thChad Eveslage2,012.12
5thMichael Moncek1,974.41
6thScott Seiver1,910.98
7thJake Schindler1,842.34
8thShaun Deeb1,824.96
9thAlex Livingston1,725.33
10thPhil Ivey1,680.28

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