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Unbiased Reporting

At, all contributors must report without influence from any outside party. This includes independence from poker sites, players, influencers, and any other outside factors. This outlet is committed to providing unbiased, ethical, and independent reporting on all aspects of the poker industry. This obligation to unbiased reporting allows our writers to achieve the other principles outlined below.

Editorial Accuracy

Journalistic accuracy is defined by not only presenting the facts, but also providing a detailed context of those facts. Anything less represents unacceptable content here at Our team of writers is committed to verifying all facts of a story before that piece can be published. All articles from must stand up to fact-checking, free of misleading language or assumptions.


The one-of-a-kind nature of the poker industry often produces stories featuring multiple perspectives. Many of the game’s biggest storylines involve several different parties of interest. adheres to the journalistic standard of fairness, intending to provide unbiased coverage that equally represents all entities involved in a particular story. All news pieces produced at strive to present the facts on all sides of a story, allowing the reader to interpret those facts as they will. Op-eds from take a stand on a developing story, while still adhering to a commitment to editorial fairness.


The accountability principal at requires all of our contributors remain accountable to our readers, as well as the subjects we cover. This aspect of our editorial standards requires reporters to abide by the highest professional standards set forth by the other principals in this outline. We strive to present all relevant facts and context of the stories published at, free from conflicts of interest or other outside influences. diligently pursues the truth in all published work. In the case of inaccurate reporting, our site commits to holding our writers accountable and correcting any false or misleading claims in reporting.

Content Transparency is committed to an editorial process that allows readers to determine the reliability of all published work on our website. This approach to poker industry coverage includes a transparency policy that requires our writers to openly divulge the newsgathering, fact-checking, and editing methods behind each piece produced here at All sources for articles are clearly identified at, per our content transparency principle.


As a website that aims to provide comprehensive coverage of the poker industry, strives to represent a wide range of poker players, sites, opinions, ideas, and perspectives. Our poker coverage will not exclude any topic based on political, religious, gender, geographical, or business-related bias. Our goal at involves an all-inclusive approach to coverage of the poker industry. Our job is to present all facts on a given topic, and include all credible and relevant sources that apply.