Promoted Content

The Poker.Org editorial team prides itself on delivering the very best, impartial poker content – editorial content will never be influenced by commercial considerations. 

The majority of the content on Poker.Org is created solely by our editorial team and by poker players themselves. On occasion, we also work with commercial partners to create content we hope our readers will find interesting and useful. When that’s the case, we’ll let you know with clear tags on top of the article.

Types of Promoted Content

There are two different types of promoted content that you will see on Poker.Org: 

  1. Sponsored Content

If an article is labeled as a Sponsored Post it has been funded by a commercial partner, but the content has been created by the Poker.Org editorial team. The article may have been sent to the commercial partner for approval. 

  1. Advertising Feature 

An Advertising Feature has been paid for by a commercial partner and has been created by them, or by the Poker.Org team under their guidance.

We mark these articles clearly so that they are distinct from editorial content, which is the bedrock of the Poker.Org site and represents only the journalistic perspective of the Poker.Org editorial team. 

Promoted content will always be appropriate for our readers and of a standard that we are happy to publish alongside our editorial content. It will never influence our editorial content.