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Lex Veldhuis

Lex Veldhuis is one of the most popular poker personalities in the industry today. The Dutchman is one of the leading poker streamers on Twitch, regularly attracting thousands of viewers to live streams of his online poker exploits .

Before conquering the poker scene, Veldhuis initially gained recognition as a professional esports player. He competed seriously in the hit real-time strategy game StarCraft. This early experience in the competitive realm of esports would stand Veldhuis in good stead for his poker career.

Veldhuis made his foray into poker in the mid-2000s, transitioning naturally from esports to the online poker tables, having been introduced to the game by friends. His analytical mindset and strategic thinking translated seamlessly to the game of poker.

In the online poker realm, Veldhuis has been a prominent member of Team PokerStars for some time, which is a testament to his reputation and skill. His live streams are fun, vibrant and educational, providing excellent insights for viewers and an authentic glimpse into the life of a professional online poker player.

Among his achievements in live poker, Veldhuis landed a Dutch Poker Open win in Rotterdam in 2010 . He also final-tabled in the WSOP’s 40th Anniversary Event in 2009 , securing the most significant live cash win of his career to date with a $277,939 score.

Veldhuis’ journey from professional esports gamer to poker superstar exemplifies the diverse paths individuals can take to succeed in the poker scene. His charisma and analytical mindset make the Dutchman one of the most engaging poker minds of the modern era.