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Joey Ingram

Joe Ingram, also known as ‘Chicago Joey’ or ‘BigPapi’, is a multifaceted poker personality known for his impactful presence in the poker media landscape.

Ingram’s journey into poker began with a keen interest in competitive gaming. He transitioned to poker during his college years, initially dabbling in micro-stakes online. His strategic acumen and relentless work ethic would soon propel him to higher stakes, where he achieved further success and recognition.

Beyond his achievements as a player, Ingram is widely acknowledged for his contributions to the poker community through various media platforms. His podcast, ‘ The Joe Ingram Poker Life Podcast’, became a staple for poker enthusiasts, featuring in-depth interviews with top players, industry experts and personalities.

His distinctive interviewing style, characterized by candid questions and genuine curiosity, has garnered Ingram a dedicated following. On his popular YouTube channel he has often taken on the role of investigative reporter, for example digging deeper into allegations of cheating by poker player Mike Postle. He dedicated hours to analyzing the accused’s poker hands, effectively cementing the player’s guilt. This underlined Ingram as a true champion of the poker industry’s integrity.

Ingram has rarely featured in the biggest live poker events but has cashed several times at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). At the 2018 WSOP, he finished 17th in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha event, but his primary focus has always been online.