About Us

The Poker.Org mission is simple. We want to help grow the game of poker and reflect the voice and passion of the players.  

We firmly believe the game deserves a site that represents the players, not a single corporate entity. We want to create the most relevant poker content and give players a big platform to grow themselves in front of a global audience. 

We want to break the stories that others might not be able to tell and provide a player’s-eye view of what’s going on in the world of poker – the news from the floor, not from corporate HQ.

Media is changing fast and poker players are consuming content in different ways. We want to reflect this and change the way poker is reported.

Together we can be a catalyst for growth for the game we all love.  

Why you can trust us

We are a team of passionate and experienced poker journalists, players and fans, and we employ the very best freelance journalists in the space. The Poker.Org editorial team is 100% independent and we will always write what we believe is right – unswayed by any commercial interests.

Everyone in the Poker.Org team is passionate about poker. We’ll only ever produce content that we think is right for the players and good for the game. That is our promise to you.

The very best poker news – 100% independent

Because PokerOrg is 100% independent, we can report on news honestly and with complete transparency. 

We don’t report on stories that we’re told to by a commercial team. And we’re not owned by a poker site that tells us what we can and can’t publish on our site. 

We also know that there is a real trust issue with modern media sites and that it’s hard to take someone’s word on face value. 

That’s why we have the PokerOrg Player Advisory Board. Made up of a real cross-section of poker players – from some of the game’s biggest names to passionate recreational players – the Player Advisory Board is there to ensure that we live up to our mission of being the true voice of the players.

The Player Advisory Board is there for governance and its members also provide comment and reaction to the biggest news stories that we cover. It means that you always get the bigger picture from PokerOrg and not a skewed view from a site with a commercial bias.  

Who we are

Brad Willis poker.org

Brad Willis


Brad Willis was the founder of the PokerStars Blog, where he worked for almost 18 years before joining Poker.Org as our new Editor-in-chief. He’s traveled the world reporting on the biggest tournaments, and he’s passionate about elevating the game and providing players with the very best independent content. He won Media Content of the Year at the 2014 GPI American Poker Awards.

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Sarah Herring

Head of Instant Media

Sarah Herring won Poker Journalist of the Year in 2018 at the Global Poker Awards, and is now Head of Instant Media at PokerOrg. Sarah is at the forefront of our efforts to change poker media. Players want to consume media in different ways and Sarah is working across platforms and our own Instant Feeds so that you can experience the very best of the poker world from your own home – as if you were there.

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Haley Hintze Author Photo

Haley Hintze


Haley has been covering poker for nearly two decades and in that time has broken some of the game’s biggest stories. Haley is a two-time Global Poker Awards finalist and a former finalist for induction into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. She is one of the most respected poker journalists in the industry.

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Terrance Reid


Terrance was a poker player and writer for years before his two worlds collided at Poker.Org. Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, he’s lived all over the USA but currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho. When he’s not writing and playing poker, he enjoys board games and sports, especially disc golf.

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Lee Jones poker writer

Lee Jones


Lee has been playing casino poker since the mid-1980s and authored the popular strategy book, “Winning Low-Limit Hold’em”. He joined PokerStars in 2003 as the poker room manager, and held multiple roles there until 2019. He has published hundreds of poker articles in print and online, and loves the game more than anybody.

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Eric Hollreiser

Eric Hollreiser

Founder & CEO

Former PokerStars executive, Eric Hollreiser acquired Poker.Org in 2022. Eric wants to build PokerOrg into a new poker media powerhouse that truly reflects the changing media world, and one that reflects the voice of poker players around the world. Eric started his career as a journalist and understands the importance of independence for news sites.

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