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Poker.org was created as your one-stop shop for everything and anything poker related. We aim to keep poker players and fans up to date on all of the breaking news happening in online and brick-and-mortar cash games and tournaments around the world.

Our news coverage goes beyond just what’s happening on the felt. We also keep you informed about what top players are doing (and discussing) away from the table. That can include anything from trending topics to lifestyle updates to chats unfolding on social media.

Our team is a group of dedicated poker players and freelance journalists from around the world. We share a love and passion for poker and poker journalism. Instead of just regurgitating facts and statistics, our writers produce content geared toward what poker players care about. When one of our writers learns of a promotion or upcoming tournament that interests them as a player, they report on it as quickly as possible. The goal? To share valuable information with other poker players and poker fans, fast.

In addition to up-to-the-minute news, Poker.org is also building an encyclopedia of information on poker strategy, poker professional profiles, annual poker tournament series, and more. All told, we love poker and want to share our love of the with new fans and seasoned veteran players alike. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions on our poker coverage.

Our Mission

At Poker.org, our mission is to provide poker players and poker fans around the world with the news and information they want and need. Since integrity is our guiding star, we write all our stories in a fair and unbiased way.

Our writing staff is built from poker players and fans, both inside the U.S. and internationally, that share a driving passion for the game. We get fired up about the same kinds of conflicts and debates our readers do. As such, it’s only human to want to take sides.

But when it comes to writing for Poker.org, we’re journalists first and fans second. If we let our personal opinions and feelings leak into our coverage of the news, we stand to lose our readers’ trust, along with the journalistic integrity to tell the story the right way; by sticking to the facts.

And yet, not everything we publish will be dry, hard news. Part of our mission is also to entertain, which is why we leave plenty of room for fun stories, clearly-marked opinion pieces, and commentary. Readers can rest assured however that more serious topics will be handled with care, and that our team is always fact-checking and proofreading for accuracy and clarity. If you ever come across an error in our publications, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Editorial Standards

Poker.org is committed to providing comprehensive, up-to-date news and coverage of the poker industry. Our site adheres to the core principles of unbiased journalism: accuracy, fairness, accountability, transparency, and inclusiveness. We commit to abide by the following core editorial principles:

  • Unbiased Reporting – All of our contributors must report without the influence of any outside parties, including players, poker sites, or social-media influencers. Our outlet strives to provide unbiased, ethical, and independent reporting in every story we cover.
  • Editorial Accuracy – Journalistic accuracy is defined by not only presenting the facts, but also providing the correct context. Our writers must fact-check each data point they present and ensure their coverage does not mislead the reader.
  • Fairness – Regardless of the subject matter, our staff is expected to present the facts in a fair way for all parties involved. Even op-eds that take a stand on a story must still adhere to journalistic fairness.
  • Accountability – Poker.org goes to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of our news coverage. In the event that inaccurate reporting occurs, we will hold our writers accountable for correcting any mistakes or misleading information.
  • Content Transparency – Our readers deserve to know exactly where we get our information. All sources for articles will be clearly identified by Poker.org in the interest of transparency.
  • Inclusiveness – Our goal at Poker.org is to provide comprehensive coverage of the entire poker industry. Our poker coverage will not exclude any topic based on political, religious, gender, geographical, or business-related bias.

The Writing Team

Haley Hintze Author Photo

Haley Hintze


Veteran poker writer Haley Hintze has been covering the game for nearly two decades. Hintze is a two-time Global Poker Awards finalist and a former finalist for induction into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. She covers a wide range of poker-related topics for Poker.org.

Jon Pill


Jon Pill has been a freelance writer and gambling journalist since 2015. His writing on poker strategy, poker news, and gambling has appeared in numerous outlets including PokerTube and Best Poker Coaching. He is based in the Midlands in the UK, where he also writes about science, aviation, and film.

Lee Jones poker writer

Lee Jones


Lee has been playing casino poker since the mid-1980s, and authored the popular limit hold’em primer, “Winning Low-Limit Hold’em.” He joined PokerStars in 2003 as the poker room manager, and held multiple roles there until 2019. He has published hundreds of poker articles in print and online, and loves poker more than anybody. Find him at leejones.com

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