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Meet the PokerOrg team

The PokerOrg team

We are a team of passionate and experienced poker journalists, players and fans, with hundreds of years of combined experience in the industry, and we employ the very best freelance journalists in the space. 

The PokerOrg editorial team is 100% independent and we will always write what we believe is right – unswayed by any commercial interests. Everyone in the PokerOrg team is passionate about poker. We’ll only ever produce content that we think is right for the players and good for the game. That is our promise to you. 

Brad Willis


Brad Willis was the founder of the PokerStars Blog, where he worked for almost 18 years before joining PokerOrg as our new Editor-in-chief. He's traveled the world reporting on the biggest tournaments, and he's passionate about elevating the game and providing players with the very best independent content. He won Media Content of the Year at the 2014 GPI American Poker Awards.

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Sarah Herring

Head of Instant Media

Sarah Herring won Poker Journalist of the Year in 2018 at the Global Poker Awards, and is now Head of Instant Media at PokerOrg. Sarah is at the forefront of our efforts to change poker media. Players want to consume media in different ways and Sarah is working across platforms and our own Instant Feeds so that you can experience the very best of the poker world from your own home – as if you were there.

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Dave Woods

Content Director

Dave Woods launched PokerPlayer magazine back in 2005 and has been a passionate advocate of the game ever since. Since leaving PokerPlayer, Woods has helped restructure and redesign The Big Issue and helped launch Sports Illustrated in India, but poker was always calling and all roads led to PokerOrg. Woods lives on the outskirts of London with his wife, daughter and cat.

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Adam Hampton

Senior Content Editor

Adam Hampton first learned poker aged 12, playing goofy wildcard games for matchsticks, only discovering Texas hold'em years later thanks to the UK's 'Late Night Poker' TV broadcasts. He's been playing, thinking and writing about poker ever since, working for brands including PokerStars, Full Tilt, Replay Poker, CardPlayer Lifestyle and CardsChat. Adam lives in London with his wife, kids, and a cat called Mojo.

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Matt Hansen

Live Reporting Guru

Originally from Chicago, Matt lives and works in Las Vegas. He learned poker at Southern Illinois University and cut his teeth in card rooms throughout the Midwest. His top score is a three-way chop in the Sunday Special at The Orleans. Prior to working in poker, Matt was an educator in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas. Matt lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas with his wife, Ashley, and two cats.

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Mo Afdhal

News Writer

Mo Afdhal studied screenwriting at New York University and worked in film after graduating. During the pandemic, his passion for poker reignited. Thanks to a timely tweet from Joe Stapleton, he found his way to PokerOrg and hasn’t looked back since. Mo is originally from Boston, but currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. When he’s not writing, he enjoy movies, books with good titles, walks through the concrete jungle, and tipping the cage cashier. Writer by trade, poker player by daydream.

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Haley Hintze

Investigative Lead

Haley has been covering poker for nearly two decades and in that time has broken some of the game's biggest stories. Haley is a two-time Global Poker Awards finalist and a former finalist for induction into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. She is one of the most respected poker journalists in the industry.

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Terrance Reid

Live Events Manager

Terrance was a poker player and writer for years before his two worlds collided at PokerOrg. Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, he's lived all over the USA but currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho. When he's not writing about and playing poker, he enjoys board games and sports, especially disc golf.

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Lee Jones


Lee has been playing poker since the mid-1980s and authored the popular strategy book, "Winning Low-Limit Hold'em". He joined PokerStars in 2003 as the poker room manager, and held multiple roles there until 2019. He has published hundreds of poker articles in print and online, and loves the game more than anybody.

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Aleeyah Jadavji

Media Maven

Aleeyah started live reporting in Canada 'by accident' in 2015 and never really looked back! She has traveled the world live reporting on many tournaments, and ended up spending several years on the WSOP Circuit. Fast forward to lockdown, and she felt it was time for something new. Aleeyah taught herself how to edit videos and make content, turning that into a business. Eventually, that passion turned into a career with PokerOrg. She's been playing poker for over 20 years and loves it just as much as she did the first day she played. Now, making content is her passion. Mix in some time on the felt, and this is a dream come true.

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Will Thomas 

Deputy Head of Instant

Starting as a music video director in the early 2000s, Will Thomas expanded into films, commercials, and social media content. In 2009, he entered the poker world, producing content for platforms like PokerNews and the World Poker Tour. He later led content creation for the DeepStacks Poker Tour. Amid the 2020 pandemic, he returned to directing, earning recognition for his films, including Best Comedy at the Anaheim International Film Festival and Utah Film Festival. Will's understanding of creating standout content helps give PokerOrg its unique style.

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Tiffany Michelle

Player & Creator

Named one of the Most Fascinating People in Poker, Tiffany Michelle is a female trailblazer in the poker industry. At age 22, she was the first female on-camera host ever hired by the world’s largest poker media site. Two years later, she broke records for the largest live tournament field conquered by a woman and became one of poker’s Top 10 Female Money Earners of All Time, under age 30. She went on to win a WSOP gold ring, compete on The Amazing Race and build a versatile poker career as a player, host/presenter, TV personality and content producer.

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Casino King

Content Creator

Casino King, whose real name is Matt Gothard, is one of the largest-followed poker personalities on TikTok, with over 150,000 followers. His content includes viral interviews with poker legends, unorthodox poker vlogs, and humorous skits that focus on the variance of poker. He quit his job as Executive Producer at Sports Illustrated in 2023 to focus on poker content full-time.

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Sammie Gruber

Content Creator

Currently pursuing applied mathematics at Florida State University, Sammie Gruber's fascination with poker began in 2017 during her senior year of high school in (almost) South Florida. It was there she experienced the thrill of her first tournament, securing a 4-way chop and sparking her love for the game. Her introduction to the poker industry was selling t-shirts for PokerGO and traveling with RunGood, also mostly selling t-shirts. When Sammie isn't studying math or playing poker, you can find her playing video games with friends or getting elbowed in the face in a mosh pit at the local live music scene.

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Christina Bradfield


Christina Bradfield first learned poker at twelve, playing with family and friends which started her love affair with Texas hold’em. She found her way into a career in poker through The Walt Disney Company, where she was a Project Manager in Business Intelligence and Analytics. The HR Director of ESPN connected her with Poker PROductions, who hired her for the WSOP Main Event 8 years ago. She’s also worked as an Op Ed and humor writer for Cardplayer Lifestyle, and she responds well to Ludacris, Reggae and Maui.

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Chris Herd

Brand Guy

Chris was the Global Creative Director of PokerStars from 2006 to 2019. He claims his mission is to make brands stand out from the crowd, make them stand for something powerful, and then force them to live up to it. But basically, he just designs nice logos and t-shirts – from the 'red spade with a star in it' for PokerStars to the ‘red spade turned upside down’ for PokerOrg. So a bit of a one-trick pony, really.

Fi Martin

Marketing Dynamo

Fi Martin played poker for fun with friends as a teenager but didn’t play much more until later, when, through one of life’s twists, she started working in marketing and PR for PokerStars and has been involved in poker ever since, traveling to tournaments such as the PCA, WSOP, various EPTs, and grassroots series in France. She mostly plays poker in home games or staff tournaments. Fi is currently based on the Isle of Man with two small-but-lively kids and spends as much time outside and on the beach as the weather allows.

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Eric Hollreiser

Founder & CEO

Former PokerStars executive, Eric Hollreiser acquired PokerOrg in 2022. Eric wants to build PokerOrg into a new poker media powerhouse that truly reflects the changing media world, and one that reflects the voice of poker players around the world. Eric started his career as a journalist and understands the importance of independence for news sites.

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