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Lee has been playing casino poker since the mid-1980s, and authored the popular limit hold'em primer, "Winning Low-Limit Hold'em." He joined PokerStars in 2003 as the poker room manager, and held multiple roles there until 2019. He has published hundreds of poker articles in print and online, and loves poker more than anybody. Find him at leejones.com


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Duke University

University of Maryland

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Uncategorized 28-11-2022

The Thanksgiving Miracle

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Personalities 18-10-2022

My poker date with Ali

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Strategy 11-10-2022

Do Not Go Gentle

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Strategy 20-08-2022

Moving on up

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Jumping the fence

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Pay for lunch

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Happiness accounting

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Poker Pros 30-05-2022

Ben Adler: The Downswing

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At the table with Happy

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VPIP in poker
Strategy 02-05-2022

The fist-pump fold

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Strategy 22-04-2022

To shove a draw?

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Strategy 15-04-2022

Catching punts

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Strategy 25-03-2022

Ten-hour poker session

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Strategy 14-03-2022

Know a good DUI lawyer?

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Strategy 03-03-2022

Beware the breath mints

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Poker Pros 18-02-2022

Ben Adler: in the grind

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Strategy 10-02-2022

Getting full value

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Andrew Brokos
Strategy 04-01-2022

The Exploitable Call

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poker cash game
Strategy 13-12-2021

Three strikes

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