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Views 18-01-2023

Ben Adler, Las Vegas Poker Pro, One Year On – Part 1

Impossible as it seems, it’s been a year since we began chronicling the ups and downs of Ben Adler. Ben left a dead-end restaurant job in Chicago and moved to Las Vegas to become a poker pro. As he notes, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But he’s still there, still grinding, and he’s got […]

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Ben Adler poker player
Views 27-06-2022

Ben Adler: March Madness

[When we last caught up with Ben, he was climbing out of a downswing. Let’s discuss that a bit more, and look up and forward to March Madness.] “March Madness is coming up. Tell us about that.” “So, the last time I went back home to Chicago, I made a pretty serious scheduling error. It […]

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Poker Pros 30-05-2022

Ben Adler: The Downswing

[Our hero Ben Adler has been a poker pro in Las Vegas for a couple of months now. Let’s catch up.] When we last talked, you’d just gone to California for the first time in your life, in the back of a car with vlogging legends Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen… Before I go further, […]

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Poker Pros 15-04-2022

Ben Adler: California Dreamin’

[We pick up our conversation with Ben Adler not long after he moved up to the $2/5 games from $1/3[1] . He emphasized the importance of the usual basics, but also underlined game selection.] “How do you decide if a $2/5 game is good or bad?” “Well, there’s no one answer. Some of the regs are […]

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Ben Adler poker player
Poker Pros 17-03-2022

Ben Adler: raising the stakes

It’s February 2022. Ben Adler is back from vacation in Chicago, recovered from some medical issues, and completely embedded as a working poker pro in Las Vegas. “So, how’s it going?” “Honestly, things are going as well as they possibly could. I’ve been back from vacation and grinding for a solid month, working with Benton […]

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aria las vegas
Poker Pros 18-02-2022

Ben Adler: in the grind

We’ve gotten Ben Adler settled into his seat in an Aria $1/3 NLHE game. Let’s talk more details about his experience playing professionally. Entitlement tilt “What other skills are vital for being a pro?” “Entitlement. Specifically, not having it. I’ve gotten over feeling that if I have pocket kings, or I flop a set, I’m […]

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Ben Adler
Poker Pros 15-01-2022

Ben Adler: getting settled in Las Vegas

When we last left Ben Adler, he was just driving into Las Vegas to begin his new life as a poker pro and personal assistant to Benton Blakeman. Welcome to Las Vegas “What was that first night like?” “Exhausted. I went straight to Benton’s house, with a car full of my stuff. I met the […]

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Welcome to Las Vegas
Poker Pros 20-12-2021

Ben Adler – birth of a poker player

This is the story of a young man, Ben Adler, leaving his home, his family, and everything he’s ever known, to move to Las Vegas and be a professional poker player. Neither Ben nor I know how the story will end. As I’m typing, Ben is sitting in a $2/5 NLHE game at the Bellagio, […]

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Views 25-08-2023

Polar range: the spectrum of Las Vegas poker in a day

I’ve written before about the smorgasbord of poker that’s available in Las Vegas. From the smallest stakes dealt in casinos, to the nosebleed games in semi-private rooms with names, you can find the game that’s right for you. But like most people, I usually “stay in my lane” – I have a comfort zone of […]

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Poker News 10-07-2023

$10M GTD tournaments: Unbelievable success and historic disaster

While many of the players in the field consider the $10,500 WPT EveryOne for One Drop the “losers tournament” as Day 3 of the WSOP Main Event rolls on, it’s worth remembering how rare a live tournament with a $10,000,000 guarantee actually is. If our record-keeping is correct, the $10,500 One Drop is the sixth-ever […]

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Poker Tournaments 29-05-2023

5 pro tips for a great World Series of Poker

We’ve been following the journey of Las Vegas poker pro Ben Adler for over a year now, starting with his arrival into Sin City, and most recently a meditation on one year of grinding. Ben is now preparing for his second World Series of Poker as a full-time professional player – I wanted to get […]

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2023 PSPC Day 1 chip counts and Day 2 draw

Name Country Table – Seat Chips Christopher Moorman England 6 – 7 356,000 Tony Tran China 23 – 2 356,000 Lucas Silva Rocha Brazil 63 – 2 324,500 Joshua Arieh United States 71 – 3 312,500 BASTIAN HESS Germany 41 – 3 295,000 Martin Zamani United States 3 – 2 287,000 Fernando Pons Garcia Spain […]

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Wynn poker room Vegas
Views 17-01-2023

Poker room review: Is the Wynn the best poker room in Vegas?

There’s a lot to love While regulated live poker is available all across the United States (just ask this guy), Las Vegas is, without doubt, the highest concentration of poker rooms in the nation. Even in a poker-rich region such as the Los Angeles basin or the San Francisco Bay area, you might have to […]

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Poker News 29-12-2022

Chad Eveslage locks up 2022 WPT Player of the Year honor

Indiana native and current Florida resident Chad Eveslage has secured the World Poker Tour’s 2022 Player of the Year (POY) honor for 2022 on the strength of four WPT cashes, two final tables, and a million-dollar triumph at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic in October. Eveslage has yet to be officially declared the […]

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Poker News 21-12-2022

Eliot Hudon banks $4,136,000 in WPT World Championship win

Until this week, Canadian Eliot Hudon had never won more than $114,000 in a live poker tournament. That win came in a 2021 WSOP Main Event cash. Tuesday night, Hudon won more than $4 million in the second-biggest $10,000 buy-in of 2022. Hudon topped the 2,960-entry WPT World Championship at the Wynn. “I’m more in […]

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Strategy 22-04-2022

To shove a draw?

Boy, was I wrong. This is not new, but maybe you can learn from my mistake. This hand came to me via Ben Adler, of whom you’ve read in these pages. He was sitting in a $5/10 NLHE game in Las Vegas, and got involved in the following pot: With effective stacks of $1500, Ben […]

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Strategy 25-03-2022

Ten-hour poker session

I couldn’t tell you the last time I played a ten-hour poker session. I mean, I have certainly played my share of absurdly long ones (noting that one’s “share” could very reasonably be zero). But those days were long ago, before responsibility, kids, wisdom, a granddaughter, and so on. In those days, such long sessions […]

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