ACR pro and poker vlogger to make good on promise after shipping WSOP bracelet

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Posted on: July 17, 2020 5:42 pm EDT

Ryan Depaulo agreed to send a fan to New York to watch the Jets play their opening game

Poker vlogger Ryan Depaulo made the news recently not only because he was a recent winner of a World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Series event – a great accomplishment – but also because he won it while playing from inside his car right outside a Whole Foods parking lot in New Jersey. The Americas Cardroom (ACR) ambassador had a mission to win one of these events and he even made a promise long before the series started where he offered to fly a fan to New York for the Jets’ NFL home opener if he was able to win a gold bracelet from the 2020 WSOP. He’s ready to stick to that promise.

Depaulo is taking a portion of his winnings to fly Riley Douglas, who lives in Canada, to NY for an NFL game – apparently, they are both New York sports fans. The afternoon after the “Big 500” $500 No-Limit Hold’em event, Douglas was quick to remind the poker vlogger of the promise he made earlier this year when he was streaming on ACR; he even included a 30-second video clip where Depaulo was making that promise. “I swear to god Dougie, that’s a f***in deal.
Clip this,” said Depaulo in the video. “If I win any bracelet, I will fly you out to New York and we’ll go to the Jets home opener. On my mother’s grave.”

As a man of his word, shortly after Douglas’s post, Depaulo tweeted the same clip and promise to commit to his word.
“Lol I beyond forgot about this from the winter but I gotta pay up! So Congratulations to DougyDoug @rileydouglas23 for getting me to commit to this beast ass giveaway if I won a 2020 bracelet. Obviously, I’m keeping my word dude corona depending. J.E.T.S.,” wrote the poker player in his reply.