ActionFreak wins big against Galfond to close the gap

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Posted on: May 20, 2020 6:33 pm EDT

The Galfond Challenge continues its back-and-forth poker action

The Galfond Challenge continues hot in the online poker scene with the ongoing match between Phil Galfond and online Omaha poker star ActionFreak, who many consider the toughest opponent Galfond will face. ActionFreak sure has been demonstrating his worth, even if he struggled during past sessions that led Galfond to have an advantage for over $200,000. Since then, he has been consistently bringing that difference down, and the last session cut that distance back significantly when he won $67,049.

Session 14 of this challenge took place one day after both competitors decided to take an extra day off. They have already played 10,222 hands out of the 15,000 agreed by both players for this challenge. This last session in which they played 740 hands ended up with ActionFreak narrowing Galfond’s lead to only $113,589. As unexpected as past sessions have developed, Day 14 started with Galfond winning and ActionFreak fighting back. At some point in the middle of the session, ActionFreak was close to taking that advantage down to less than six figures; however, he got pummeled and lost his advantage.

The next 90 minutes saw a very strong run for ActionFreak, who mostly, by playing medium pot-sizes, turned things on his favor and score a small win. He was then stopped by Galfond’s when he fired an aggressive three-bet, which Galfond called. The total pot was $119,817, and, though being a difficult decision, ActionFreak was ultimately forced to fold. The next Omaha poker session is scheduled for this Thursday, at 11 AM ET, which will be streamed via Galfond’s Run It Once Poker Twitch channel just as the previous sessions.