Addamo nails down Super High Roller Bowl VI final table

Jon Pill
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Posted on: September 30, 2021 10:11 pm EDT

Super High Roller Bowl VI convened yesterday to crown a winner in time for everyone to head over to the Rio and register for the $25k WSOP High Roller today. The winner, surprising no one, was Michael Addamo.

Addamo started Day 3 with a commanding lead over his fellow pros. He began the day with 2.9 million in chips — almost half the chips in play. With four opponents left to beat and only three people getting paid, the hunt was on.

Addamo has already won two PokerGO titles at the Aria studio, both during the recent Poker Masters series.

First to fall was a prominent anti-vaxxer who busted to Justin Bonomo’s pre-flop call. Chris Brewer was next out, becoming the tournament’s bubble boy. With Brewer out, Bonomo, Addamo, and Sean Winter were looking at a satisfying million-dollar pay bump.

Brewer did his best to be magnanimous in his post-game interview, but later tweeted: “Yesterday was one of the more painful poker moments of my career, but I was a bit disingenuous after in the interview.”

The high stakes reg added that it was still “a great event and a fantastic experience overall. Thanks, @PokerGO and @ARIAPoker for all the work you do setting up these big events,” he also gave props to the tournament directors.

After Brewer’s exit, Winter was short-stacked with just 505,000 in chips. He managed to work that up to around 800k before getting it in against Addamo with TT against Addamo’s A♣J♣. It was a classic match-up that went Addamo’s way.

The final hand

The hand against Winter put Addamo’s stack up to 3,670,000 in chips. Bonomo sat across from him with 2,630,000 in chips. He was behind, but not by enough for Addamo to feel comfortable. Bonomo is an intimidating opponent to have to outplay and there was a $1.2 million pay jump between second and first.

Sitting in the 30,000 big blind, Addamo looked down at 72 and decided to get creative. When Bonomo raised to 80,000, Addamo called.

The flop came down 432. That’s about as good as you can reasonably hope from playing seven-deuce suited.

Addamo checked and Bonomo followed suit — so did the turn. The Q gave Addamo a flush.

With 190,000 in the pot, Addamo bet 250,000 and Bonomo called.

The river was the T♣. The only thing Addamo had to worry about was a higher flush. His chips were going in, if only Bonomo would let him. He bet 2,070,000, the size of Bonomo’s remaining chip stack. Bonomo called and turned over Q♠T♠ for two-pair.

Addamo’s $3.4 million cash puts him at the top of the Australian all time money list, replacing WSOP champ Joe Hachem. “That is nice,” Addamo said in his post-game interview when told about this new accolade. “Joe is a good guy.”

Super High Roller Bowl VI complete results

PositionPlayer NamePokerGO Leaderboard PointsPayout
1stMichael Addamo600$3,402,000
2ndJustin Bonomo400$1,890,000
3rdSean Winter400$1,008,000

Featured image source: PokerGO