Artur Martirosyan dominates final table to win PGT Last Chance #2

Adam Hampton
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Posted on: January 4, 2024 9:58 am EST

After a dominant final table performance it was Artur Martirosyan who won the 2nd of the PGT Last Chance tournaments, collecting $211,200 in prize money and adding 211 points to his tally on the PGT leaderboard.

Those points have pushed the player from Russia into 46th spot on said leaderboard, closer to the top 40 and a seat in the end-of-season PGT Championship $1 million freeroll on January 9.

Martirosyan, clad in shades and a striking Gucci baseball cap adorned with roaring tigers, had to outmaneuver a group of high caliber players on the final table. These included Stephen Chidwick, Kristen Foxen and the previous night’s unlucky runner-up Daniel Smiljkovic.

Artur Martirosyan calls a bluff at the final table of the PGT Last Chance 2 poker tournament
Martirosyan called Smiljkovic’s bluff to take an even bigger lead at the final table

Wire-to-wire performance at the final table

With 88 runners down to a final seven, Martirosyan held the chip lead heading into the final table. It was a lead that would increase significantly just four hands in as Smiljkovic, with a decent-sized stack of his own, attempted to run a bluff on the chip leader.

Martirosyan: K❤️Q♣

Smiljkovic: A♠J♦️

With blinds at 15k/30k/30k, Smiljkovic min-raised from UTG+1, Martirosyan 3-bet to 270k from the small blind and then called Smiljkovic’s 500k 4-bet.

Out of position, Martirosyan check-called on all three streets with top pair…


…to send the previous night’s runner-up to the rail with $44k and 44 points for the leaderboard.

He would shortly do the same to Kristen Foxen, his A♣J♣ holding up to beat Foxen’s K♠Q♣ and send her out in 6th, collecting $52,800 and 53 leaderboard points.

Martirosyan vs Kristen Foxen in the PGT Last Chance 2 poker tournament, 2024
Foxen flopped a queen but the turn brought Martirosyan an ace

Victoria Livschitz was next to go in 5th, cashing for $70,400 as Latvia’s Vitalijs Zavorotnijs turned a set to reduce the field to four.

Chidwick misstep sets up Martirosyan for the win

Four-handed it was Martirosyan and Stephen Chidwick who held most of the chips, so the short-stacked Michael Jozoff and Zavorotnijs will have enjoyed seeing the two clash in the blinds.

Chidwick, in the big blind (with blinds at 40k/80k/80k), came over the top of Martirosyan’s small blind open to 350k, shoving for 2.57m. Martirosyan snap-called with a stronger ace.

Chidwick: A♣7♦️

Martirosyan: A♦️Q♣

The 4♠T♦️A♠K♠5♠ board brought no help for Chidwick and the Englishman was eliminated, taking $88k and 88 points for 4th place.

English poker pro Stephen Chidwick playing the PGT Last Chance 2 poker tournament in January 2024
Stephen Chidwick: ran into a bigger ace

With 1st knocking out 2nd, Martirosyan found himself with a stack of over 8m chips, compared to just 1.9m for Jozoff and 1m for Zavorotnijs.

That proved to be the eventual finishing order, Martirosyan quickly dispatching both players to claim the $211,200 first prize and those all-important leaderboard points.

PGT Last Chance #2 results

1Artur Martirosyan211$211,200
2Michael Jozoff145$145,200
3Vitalijs Zavorotnijs110$110,000
4Stephen Chidwick88$88,000
5Victoria Livschitz 70$70,400
6Kristen Foxen53$52,800
7Daniel Smiljkovic44$44,000

Last Chance #3 takes place tomorrow, with more chances to grab leaderboard points ahead of the PGT Championship freeroll, January 9. Leaderboard updates can be found here. Final table action from all the events will be streamed on the PokerGO YouTube channel, and we’ll bring you all the news and results at PokerOrg.