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Blaise Bourgeois

Blaise Bourgeois hails from Rochester, NY and currently lives in the famous Nordeste region of Brazil in the paradisian village of Pipa. Blaise has resided in Latin America for the better part of the last 3.5 years. Blaise is very active in the Brazilian live poker scene, playing a full BSOP and KSOP schedule in addition to being a serious MTT grinder online. He also currently works behind the scenes with JakaCoaching and hopes to take his poker career as far as possible. Blaise got his poker media career started at the 2022 World Series of Poker, where he cashed in his only two WSOP events. Blaise has also reported live at prestigious events such as PSPC, WSOP Europe, EPT Barcelona, and the Mediterranean Poker Party. Blaise is a two-time Men's and Women's Olympic soccer statistician and researcher for NBC and also contributed to last year's World Cup coverage on FOX. He was a soccer journalist for five years and worked in the front office as the Director of Communications for the now-defunct Rochester Rhinos. Blaise attended grad school at St. John's University, where he studied Sport Management and sports analytics. He also received a Mathematics and Computer Science degree at SUNY Purchase, where still holds the school's record for goals in a single season. He also played several seasons of semi-professional soccer in New York and in Florida.