Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg shares important poker tip for low stakes players

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: February 26, 2021 10:32 pm EST

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg gave out a valuable piece of advice to struggling low stakes poker grinders on Twitter. But he also opened himself up for criticism from Max Silver, a WSOP bracelet winner and talented poker pro.

“Spraggy” is a popular poker Twitch streamer and PokerStars Team Pro member, one of the remaining few. He isn’t considered one of the best players in the world and typically plays low to mid stakes games. But he’s a competent player who has shown an ability to win at those levels for years on Twitch.

The PokerStars pro shared some advice on Twitter that struggling players should heed.

“Poker games where people play erratically, call any 2 cards preflop, and go all in with s**t hands are the easiest games to beat. You’re not gonna do better if people ‘play properly’ because you can read them more accurately. Biggest myth for players losing at small stakes,” Spragg tweeted.

Another suggestion for those who aren’t winning is to familiarize yourself with the poker hands ranking chart, of course. Spragg’s advice is solid and one that all losing players should take to heart.

Many low stakes players think it’s easier to beat competent players because they are easier to read. They argue that erratic players are tough to face because they could have any two random cards in any hand and aren’t afraid to play any pair or draw all the way to the river.

But you won’t find that any skilled pros make that same argument. They’ll tell you that you should love facing wild donkeys who chase every draw and take any pair to the river because they will pay you off when you have a hand. Skilled players know when they’re beat and know when the pot odds aren’t there to chase a draw, so they’re more difficult to get maximum value out of.

Poker Twitter mostly agrees

Although “Spraggy’s” advice was quite solid, one poker pro gave him a hard time about it. Max Silver showed a picture of “Spraggy” failing to take his own advice.

“I agree with this however I will say I’ve been in many many 2/5 games that were easier to play in than 1/2 games where no one know wtf is going on and no one bluffs,” Twitter user @FuscoPoker said in response to Spragg’s tweet.

“Playing outside of your bankroll is usually what leads to this belief. Not having enough money to ride out multiple buy-ins across multiple sessions makes people look for solutions,” poker vlogger Wes Cutshall argues.

“Yea that has always been the stupidest concept I have ever heard. Notice how It’s only ever the take of players who are frustrated and unskilled,” @12NoLimitKing said, agreeing with “Spraggy.”

“Spraggy,” who is the boyfriend of former poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro, streams regularly on Twitch. He mostly plays on PokerStars, the poker site he represents. You can catch him most days of the week on Twitch, and he even implements his own poker tips into action, most of the time.

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