“berodualn” wins ACR Poker’s Venom PKO for $544,875

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: February 1, 2024 7:30 pm EST

ACR Poker’s flagship Venom PKO tournament concluded last night after a relatively quick, but still action-packed, final table.

The popular event offered players four Day 1s to choose from, drawing a field of 2,839 entrants. The $5,000,000 guarantee set by ACR Poker was met with relative ease as the prize pool ballooned up to $7,097,500.

Only 395 players made it to Day 2 action and, with the bounties on each player’s head, the bloodbath ensued. The carnage saw just 43 players emerge still standing and safely into Day 3. From there, play whittled the field further, down to just eight players at the final table.

The eliminations on the final table came fast and furious with the huge bounties in play. When the chaos came to an end, one player–“berodualn”–stood alone as the Venom PKO Champion. For his efforts, “berodualn” earned $416,787 from the prize pool, along with $128,088 in bounties.

Popular Twitch streamer “illusorypoker” made a deep run at the victory, but ultimately fell in third place. “illusorypoker” streamed his point of view for much of the tournament’s run and had his virtual rail going wild throughout. Additionally, the entirety of the final table streamed live on the ACR Poker Twitch channel and the video playback remains up for all to watch.

The Venom PKO comes to a finish just as the hype train for the next Venom–the biggest-ever in terms of guarantee–starts rolling. ACR Poker has decided to roll out the red carpets for the tournament’s fifth anniversary with a $12,500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

There’s still plenty of time to make your plans for the tournament and be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming information on satellite opportunities to score your ticket for cheap.

Venom PKO final table payouts

PlacePlayerPrize + Bounty (USD)
1“berodualn”$416,787 + $128,008
2“niceoneee”$416,787 + $85,410
3“illusorypoker”$302,914 + $112,446
4“10of10”$220,150 + $65,473
5“jimmi109”$159,998 + $11,093
6“S0LID”$116,285 + $32,461
7“LinusBurakov”$84,517 + $30,079
8“TruthHurts”$61,421 + $43,330