Minnesota Vikings vs Cleveland Browns

ODDS: -2.5 04/10 14:00 EST
Minnesota Vikings vs Cleveland Browns

The first tournament of the SIMS season ended in style with a hard-fought battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings ultimately coming down to a Vikings do-or-die 4th and long inside the 20 with under 30 seconds to play. As fortune would have it, the Chiefs got the all-important final stop and added a SIMS Super Bowl championship to their real-life one.

And in the case you have no idea what I’m talking about, with COVID-19 having ground professional sports to a halt, sports-bettors around the world have taken to betting on computer-simulated PS4 matchups in titles such as NFL 2K20, NBA 2K, and MLB – THE SHOW.

The beauty of this fake-life version – along with the absence of commercials and the ability to mute Joe Buck – is that with the first official SIMS tournament now in the books, a new set of games begins immediately, no player rest or concussion-safety protocols necessary. And while there are a number of matchups that you can choose to bet on today, my favourite on the schedule is the SIMS 1 Super Bowl runner-up Minnesota Vikings taking on team hype Cleveland Browns.

In fact the Vikings line seems like an absolute gift considering how good they’ve looked over the past few days; though I will admit that, at least when it comes to real-life sports, those words have rarely come out of my mouth unpunished. Still, with Minnesota’s D stifling Brees in the semis and holding Mahomes and the Chiefs to a pedestrian 24 points, it’s hard to imagine Virtual Baker Mayfield finding more success against them. Not to mention virtual Kirk Cousins has looked considerably better than his human counterpart, having taken no more than a couple of the ‘hold the ball laughably long’ sacks that plagued him in 2019. In fact, having witnessed the Madden version of the Vikings in action, Minnesota ownership may want to consider giving its AI the play-calling duties when the NFL returns.

With that all said, it’s hard to imagine any of the thousands of bettors who watched the first SIMS tournament opposing the Vikings against the disaster that was the 2019 Browns team – making Cleveland the theoretical “fade-the-masses” value play – especially considering the suspiciously small line.

So whether you want to go with betting philosophy 101 and back the underdog, or trust the just-completed eye-test and put your money on the Super Bowl runner-ups, the choice is entirely yours. Besides, the only things that really matters when betting on an imaginary game is that you don’t risk more than you can afford to lose and that, for the love of all that is holy, you stay the heck inside! Because regardless of how fun it is to bet on zeros and ones, it’d be nice if actual sports resumed while we’re all still young enough to enjoy them, ok?