Caitlyn Cobb to host Ladies Legends Tournament at Horseshoe Baltimore

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: May 20, 2023 2:30 pm EDT

Caitlyn Cobb has partnered with Horseshoe Casino Baltimore to host the Ladies Legends Tournament this Sunday, May 21st.

The Ladies Legends event, the first of its kind at the venue, kicks off at 11:15AM. The $200 buy-in supplies players with a starting stack of 20,000 chips and there’s an optional $10 dealer add-on for an additional 10,000 chips.

The guaranteed prize pool for the event is $5,000 and blind levels will last thirty minutes, with breaks every two hours.

In recent months, Cobb has emerged as an advocate for women in poker as her public profile in the community has grown. PokerOrg spoke to Cobb recently to get all the details on the Ladies Legends Tournament, as well as some insight into how she’s advocating behind the scenes to grow the game for women.

Caitlyn Cobb: The Organizer

The following conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.

PokerOrg: How did you put together this event, Caitlyn?

Caitlyn Cobb: All of this happened rather organically, starting with dealers at Maryland Live! Casino asking me if the Horseshoe Baltimore was planning to host any women’s events. I went to their Twitter page and saw they were asking for suggestions so I sent a message and they responded saying I should host it.

Then, I went to work. I reached out to women and women’s poker organizations for advice on the structure. I was met with overwhelming support: women promising to fly in to be part of the event, women announcing debut appearances at the event, and just an overall air of excitement.

PO: When/how did you decide to increase your involvement when it comes to organizing events?

CC: It was after I went on the OnlyFriends Podcast in the wake of the Women’s Event at Seminole Hard Rock, I just started thinking more about local organizing. I saw a post in the Women’s Poker Association from a women who approached her local casino and asked them to run a women’s event and they agreed. I have a background in non-profit organizing and want to empower more women to take this grassroots approach.

PO: What advice can you share for other women looking to follow your lead? What’s the best way to go about it?

CC: I think it depends on who you have a rapport with. If you know the poker room manager, talk to them. If you have a better relationship with the tournament directors, go to them first, involve them in the process. And make sure that you’re at the table, in the meetings, because they can’t hold a women’s event without any input from the women.