Checking in: 25k Fantasy Draft players who are still in the Main Event

Terrance Reid
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Posted on: July 11, 2023 12:54 pm EDT

You might be surprised to know that some of the biggest sweats in the World Series of Poker Main Event involve fantasy sports.

Early in the summer, commissioner Daniel Negreanu and friends hosted their annual 25k Fantasy Draft. For a $25,000 entry, teams drafted players for the summer series who earn points for performance in official WSOP events.

Phillip Hui
Phillip Hui is Team Lady Gaga’s last remaining horse in the Main Event

A total of 12 of those drafted players are still in the field in the Main Event, which can be game-changing for the fantasy teams and their owners. Let’s check in on the current standings and teams involved.

Current $25k fantasy leaders

PlaceTeamPointsPlayers remaining
in the Main Event
1Team Lady Gaga1128Philip Hui (800,000)
2Team DPMC1089None
3Team Fleyshman954Chance Kornuth (3,200,000)
4Team Baker844James Obst (950,000),
Chris Vitch (1,575,000)
5Team Maria’s Ho’mies820None
6Team AJ717Jesse Lonis (565,000),
John Racener (3,710,000),
Rami Boukai (1,580,000)
7Team Zamani678None
8Team Gordo 677Chris Brewer (440,000)
9Team Deeb645None
10Team Negreanu602Matthew Wantman (945,000)

Obviously, Team Lady Gaga, headed by Ren Lin and company, leads the pack, and they still have a horse in the biggest field of all.

That said, a total of 12 players are still in the field. Let’s take a look at all 12 players and their current chip stacks in the Main.

12 remaining drafted players in the fantasy league

PlayerFantasy owner
(by current standings)
Chip countDay 5 seat
Philip HuiTeam Lady Gaga800,000624 / 6
Chance KornuthTeam Fleyshman3,200,000662 / 7
James ObstTeam Baker950,000659 / 7
Chris VitchTeam Baker1,575,000612 / 4
Jesse LonisTeam AJ565,000653 / 9
John RacenerTeam AJ3,710,000649 / 1
Rami BoukaiTeam AJ1,580,000668 / 2
Chris BrewerTeam Gordo440,000671 / 2
Matthew WantmanTeam Negreanu945,000605 / 7
Dario SammartinoTeam Lang1,305,000625 / 4
Nick GuagentiTeam Reiss2,335,000677 / 5
Daniel WeinmanTeam Reiss2,850,000623 / 2

There are some big stacks on that list. With only 441 players remaining, everyone has a chance of making a deep run. Exactly how many points are up for grabs in this event?

John Racener
John Racener of Team AJ has the most chips of any drafted player with 3,710,000

Main Event fantasy scoring

Just how many points are up for grabs in the Main Event? Well, it’s a lot. It could drastically shift the landscape of the fantasy standings, which always makes for a fun sweat late in the summer.

An outright win of any event earns a player 50 points. An additional point per 100 entries is awarded to a certain number of players based on field size. In the Main Event, everyone who finishes in the top 108 spots will receive a 100-point field bonus.

Oh, and all points in the Main Event are tripled.

Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer already has two bracelets this summer. Can he get Team Gordo a fantasy victory?

That means if any drafted player wins the main event, there are 450 points up for grabs.

To put that in perspective, if Chris Brewer wins the Main Event, that would catapult the 8th Team Gordo into first place, assuming all other teams keep their current positions.

Payouts for the 25k fantasy


Obviously, it’s not the $12.1 million that the remaining players are playing for in the record-breaking Main Event. But, there is a lot of money up for grabs in the fantasy streets.

Good luck to all remaining players and their fantasy owners as Day 5 picks back up today.