Complete guide to the best poker chips set

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Posted on: December 15, 2022 3:15 pm EST

A quality poker chips set is essential if you’re serious about hosting poker cash games or a tournament at home. After all, the last thing you want is to serve up some flimsy, paper-like cards and plastic chips to your expectant guests.

But what is the best poker chips set made of? And what should you look for in a quality new set?

This article covers all bases and introduces you to three brands worth considering if you’re looking to invest in a new poker chips set this year. 

Choosing the best poker chips set: What are the best poker chips made of? 

One of the most important considerations when buying a poker chips set is the material of the actual chips. Many of the cheaper poker chips sets you can buy online are plastic, which isn’t durable, doesn’t feel great and won’t last long.

In other words, plastic chips must be avoided if you want to impress your fellow players with a high-quality poker set. 

One of the best and most affordable materials for poker chips is clay. Clay chips are not as slippery as plastic chips, and they are much more durable, too. They also sound great when you riffle or toss them into the pot, undoubtedly adding to the playing experience.

Today, most clay casino chips are made from a composition of clay and other materials, including chalk and sand, as clay alone would likely render the chips too soft. As such, you will see clay chips available at different price points, with some referred to as “compression-moulded” (cheaper) and others referred to as “casino-grade” (more expensive).

A high-quality alternative to clay is ceramic, which some casinos turn to because ceramic chips are typically more durable than clay. Ceramic poker chips are made from a special resin using injection moulding, which makes them completely flat and easily customisable.

Many professional players prefer playing with ceramic poker chips because they have an extremely smooth surface and hardier durability. Whether you opt for clay or ceramic, you should also consider the weight of the chips included in a set. The lightest you should go for is 10g, as anything lighter than this will make the chips seem cheap, even if they’re not.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a quality poker chips set, you should opt for clay or ceramic chips, as plastic poker chips are cheap and flimsy and should be avoided. 

What else should you look for in a poker chips set? 

While the quality of the chips is perhaps the most important factor when looking for the best poker chips sets, it’s not the only thing to consider. You also need to consider the quality of the playing cards in the set.

After all, if you offer players some high-end ceramic poker chips, only then to deal them with flimsy, paper-like cards they will not be impressed.

The best playing cards for poker are made of cellulose acetate – a form of durable plastic. One of the best brands is KEM, whose playing cards are used by casinos worldwide, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City poker rooms. Other notable brands include Copag and Modiano, which offer high-quality, casino-standard poker cards for home games.

While you might not find KEM, Copag, or Modiano cards within a poker chips set that you can order online, you should ensure that the cards included in your chosen set are made from appropriately durable materials.

Now that you’re able to discern the quality of the chips and cards within a poker chips set, it’s time to look at what else should be included:  

  • Engraved casino buttons: The right buttons are essential to any poker home game. Make sure your set has a dealer, little blind, and big blind button as standard. Ideally, they will be engraved for a luxurious look and feel.
  • Dice: Granted, you don’t need dice to play poker, but many premium poker chips sets consist of dice, enabling you to set up other fun casino games at home easily. 
  • High-quality carry case: Another thing to look at is the quality of the case that the chips and cards come in. Look for lined aluminium cases with sturdy handles and buckles, as such a case will allow you to present the poker equipment to your fellow players in style, and it won’t break, spilling hundreds of chips over the floor. 

With all of the above considered, you’re now ready to choose the perfect poker chips set for your home poker games. But what are some of the best brands to consider? 

The best poker chips sets: Three brands to consider 

A quick search online will reveal a vast number of poker chips sets from lots of different brands. But how do you know which brand to go for? Here are three options to consider:

Outlaw (Versa Games)

Versa Games’ 500-piece Outlaw Poker Chips Set is a perfect option for all home poker players. The clay chips weigh 13g and are enclosed in a silver aluminium case with a black interior.

Two premium packs of playing cards are included, big/small blinds, dealer buttons, and dice for other games.

But the most attractive thing about this poker chips set is the design included on the chips themselves, with a classy outlaw and gun design embossed on each of the chips. There’s no doubt that this premium poker chips set will impress your fellow players.

Casino Del Sol (Da Vinci)

Da Vinci’s 500-piece Casino Del Sol poker chips set is another excellent option for your home poker setup.

The chips weigh 11.5g and are made from clay composite, featuring a classy Las Vegas Casino Del Sol design on the face.

The aluminium case comes with big/small blind and dealer buttons and two packs of premium-quality playing cards, similar to those within the Versa set.

Helpfully, these poker chips come with denominations already printed (1-500) for ease of use. Available at a great price point and including everything that you need to get started, this is an excellent starter poker kit for anyone serious about hosting games at home. 

Nile Club

If you’re looking for casino-grade ceramic chips for your home poker games, look no further than Nile Club. These stunning ceramic chips weigh 10g and feature vintage Egyptian-style hieroglyphs and aligned edge spots – they’re aesthetically attractive.

Moreover, they’re presented in a quality wooden carousel case for ease of dealing and come with two packs of premium quality poker cards. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a poker-mad friend or loved one, Nile Club’s ceramic poker chips are a great option to consider. 

The Verdict: Choosing the best poker chips set 

As you know, there are many things to consider before choosing the best poker chips set. Ensure that the set includes clay or ceramic chips and premium poker cards.

Including small/big blind and dealer buttons are also essential (although dice are a little unnecessary).

To impress your fellow players, we recommend the poker chips sets from Versa Games, DA VINCI, and Nile Club, as already introduced, as they all consist of high-quality chips and cards that will help you host a poker night to remember.

Best poker chips set FAQs

How many poker chips do you need in a set?  

The best poker chips sets consist of 300 chips. Most of the chips in a set are white (usually around 100 chips), while there are usually 50 chips of each of the other colors. This enables you to set up a home poker game with 5-6 players without issue. For bigger poker games, you will need to invest in another set of chips. 

Why are poker chips so expensive?  

Not all poker chips are expensive, but you get what you pay for. As explained in this article, clay composite poker chips are one of the best types of chips you can buy. Although they’re more expensive than plastic poker chips, they feel much better and certainly add something to your home poker game. If you’re looking for the cheapest possible set of poker chips, you should look for those made of plastic. 

Are poker chips legal?  

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to own poker chips. Of course, you need to consider the gambling laws in your state to determine whether or not it’s legal to gamble with poker chips. Some states permit home games, while others have legalized real-money poker at licensed poker rooms. You can even play online poker with virtual chips in several states in the US. 

Do poker chips have any value? 

Every poker chip has value, which is pre-determined at the start of the game. For instance, if a cash game has a buy-in of $300, you would receive the value of your chips to play with during the game. These will be issued in various denominations, which you can then use to place your bets throughout the game. 

Are old poker chips worth money? 

As is the case with any antique, old poker chips do possess value. Those made of ivory and precious stones from 100+ years ago do retain a value – somewhere between $10 – $30 per chip. If you have an antique poker chips set on your hands, you should get it valued!