Coronavirus pandemic leads to more online poker

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Posted on: April 8, 2020 5:49 pm EDT

As physical poker games continue to be shut down, online action is rising in popularity

Fortunately for all poker players around the world, rookies or professionals, the world of online poker has been in constant development for nearly two decades. Amid a never-before-seen global pandemic, the coronavirus has pushed people to stay away from each other and authorities have been making difficult decisions to close some business temporarily to stop the virus from spreading. With all doors closed for live poker game options, there has been increased traffic on online poker sites that has almost doubled. According to the World Poker Tour, more than 60 million poker players in the US have poker as their main way of income, so it makes sense that other sources are sought while the worst part of the pandemic goes away.

Jeff Boski, a Las Vegas poker pro and vlogger said, “It really hit home when I stopped going to live tournaments a month ago.” But there has been another collateral effect caused by this “There has been an online poker boom of sorts,” said Boski. “The field numbers in cash games and tournaments have almost doubled.”

In the last few weeks, big event organizers like World Series of Poker (WSOP) have canceled all live events and have been experienced a 46% increase in traffic in their online series circuit. “People at home want something to do,” Boski added. “Online poker is an easy way to stay home and gamble.”

Marle Cordeiro is a professional poker player, and live poker events are a significant part of her income. “We have to accept that it could be months and months before we get back. But even then, the casinos are probably some of the dirtiest places so I don’t know if I will be rushing to go back right away,” said Cordeiro about the decision of closing all land-based gambling venues.