Daniel Negreanu on max tilt: Poker pro melts down after loss

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: December 10, 2020 4:04 pm EST

Daniel Negreanu suffered another six-figure loss to Doug Polk on Wednesday. But the real story here is that he once again went into a cussing tirade out of frustration following the rough session.

Negreanu has a recent history of lashing out on live-stream. This past summer, he threatened to feed a viewer’s teeth “anally” over insulting comments directed at his wife, Amanda Negreanu, during a live-stream. That led to some backlash from the poker community.

The GGPoker ambassador was once again not very ambassadorial following Day 17, in which he lost $101,000 to Polk. He trails by nearly $800,000 now in 8,970 hands. And the mounting losses appear to be taking a toll on the six-time WSOP bracelet winner.

Unibet poker pro David Lappin, host of The Chip Race podcast, is openly anti-Negreanu. He was quick to post an edited version of Negreanu’s epic meltdown during his post-game interview on the GGPoker YouTube channel.

“Everything was going okay after the grind back, it’s like every f—–g session I get stuck,” Daniel Negreanu said in one of the videos. “It’s been like six sessions in a row, so clearly I’m f—–g annoyed.”

He then wondered if he had been vile enough during the interview.

“Have I cursed enough yet or do I need some more? It’s f—–g here we go again cause every motherf—–g session it starts like that …. I know what f—–g went wrong, Patrick. I f—–g know what went wrong. The video tonight is going to be special. I haven’t put a f—–g all-in beat on this guy once, not once. There’s not one f—–g hand, not one hand in this whole f—–g all-in thing where I’ve had the worst hand and made the best hand. Not one f—–g hand out of 8, 9-thousand hands.”

“I’ve had jacks against tens, queens against eights, stick it up your a–. Holy f–k, dude,” he continued.

Negreanu then stopped himself short of threatening to feed someone in the YouTube chat their teeth rectally, perhaps a sign that he’s learned from the backlash over the summer.

“Any motherf—-r in the chat who says you should have folded the ace-king, if I see you, well I can’t say it. If I see you, I’ll just say thank you for your feedback,” he joked.

Things can’t go much worse for Daniel Negreanu

On Wednesday, Negreanu never could get much going. He turned a straight in a massive pot early on only to watch his opponent river a flush to ship an $80,000 pot. As has been the case recently, he was down big early and forced to fight his way back. But he was unable to do so and lost $101,000, the sixth time in the past nine sessions he’s dropped six figures in a session.

Polk most certainly is running hot and he’s been luckier on all-in bets. But he’s also simply out-classing Daniel Negreanu. The Upswing Poker founder has dominated the match, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. After all, Polk has long been considered one of the best heads-up no-limit hold’em players in the world.

Negreanu and Polk each deposited $1 million into their WSOP.com accounts prior to the start of the grudge match. With Negreanu now down by $784,560, it’s becoming increasingly likely he’ll soon be forced to make another deposit.

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