Daniel Negreanu publishes annual tournament profits of $584,000

Simon Young
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Posted on: December 27, 2021 9:01 am EST

He’s been one of the most consistent performers since way back in 1997, and now Daniel Negreanu has posted another year of profitable tournament play.

Negreanu recorded impressive 2021 tournament profits of $584,023 from 97 entries, many of them during the recent World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

  • Events 97
  • Cashes 30
  • Buyins $2,596,373
  • Cashouts $3,180,396
  • Average buy-in $26,766
  • Profit $584,023

Using his Twitter account as a final record of his 2021 tournament efforts, Negreanu showed how the profit stood up well against consistent winning years since 2013 (apart from a wobble in 2016/17):

  • 2013 $1,963,500
  • 2014 $7,100,164
  • 2015 $952,920
  • 2016 -$1,246,693
  • 2017 -$86,140
  • 2018 $1,412,053
  • 2019 $831,891

2020 was a COVID wipe-out for all.

While the figures are indeed impressive, he has had better years. “I play high buy-in events against tougher fields,” he says, “and they didn’t exist in quantity years ago. In 2004 I cased for $4.5 million-ish and spent less than $250,000 in buy-ins.”

Negreanu told his Twitter followers he was content with the profits, and also batted away those who claimed his losing results in his heads-up battle with Doug Polk should have been factored in.

It was a view that Polk himself was happy to agree with.

Polk added that most of their hands were in 2020 anyway and that their play in 2021 was nearly break-even.

Feature Image: World Poker Tour under Creative Commons