Daniel Negreanu sends kids off to college by dropping by their home game

Terrance Reid
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Posted on: August 8, 2023 6:40 am EDT

A group of high schoolers was planning their final home game of poker before they all headed off to college. The guest list just needed one final name, and it was one of the biggest in the poker world.

One of the soon-to-be college-bound graduates saw Negreanu on the street on the day of the big game and took the opportunity to extend the invitation.

Shooters gonna shoot

Negreanu took to Twitter, or “X” I suppose, to explain. “Walking the dogs a kid in a suit comes up to me and says, ‘My friends are coming over in an hour playing our last poker game before going off to college. I know it’s a lot to ask, but will you stop by and say hello to them?’ If you were me, would you go or no?”

The results of that poll were unsurprisingly overwhelmingly positive. Negreanu, a man of the people, decided to join the party.

Daniel Negreanu says yes to the group

Maybe it was the suits the kids were wearing. Maybe it was the special occasion of them heading off to college. Or, maybe Negreanu saw a great opportunity to make some kids’ nights and create some lifelong fans of the game. Whatever the case, their shot worked, and Negreanu was coming over.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott.”

Terrance Reid

Negreanu would never show up empty-handed

Once Negreanu made it over, he was greeted by the suit-wearing, poker-playing group of kids next to their home-game setup. As if his presence alone wasn’t enough, he brought gifts including GGPoker merch for everyone.

Negreanu brought a bag full of gifts that the group cheerfully picked through immediately

Once all the merch had found a home, it was game time, and Negreanu was ready for some high-stakes, $0.25/$0.50 action to recover some WSOP losses.

The home game they’ll never forget

“I got $100 that says I can beat this game,” laughed Negreanu as he bought his chips. “You can give me fifty, whatever you want to do. I don’t have to big shot you guys,” he joked. The group loved it. Their own private Daniel Negreanu vlog was happening right in their kitchen.

Shortly after that, he took to X to show he may have underestimated his competition. After witnessing a triple-barrel bluff from the kid on his right, he couldn’t help but give the hand history and give the kids props.

“The flop was queen-duece-three, turn was a four,” said Negreanu. “He bet flop, he bet turn. River king, brought the hearts and everything.” Turning to the kid’s opponent, Negreanu says, “My man over here, and you shouldn’t have said this, but you go, ‘I fold to anything.’ Not ideal. He tells him this, he goes ahead and bets. He’s got jack-ten of clubs, bro, you got bluffed.”

What a hand history. Those two will never forget Negreanu breaking down a hand right after it had played, and sharing it with the world. You can watch the moment just below.

“He’s got jack-ten of clubs, bro, you got bluffed,” – Negreanu breaks down the big bluff

Closing out the night, Negreanu hit them with a classic line

Negreanu’s final video of the night was a hand he played himself. “They’re trying to push me around right now, but I’m all in. This could be my last hand of the night.”

If someone at the poker table tells you that, you should fold. He definitely has a monster.

Negreanu did indeed, as he flashed ace-king of diamonds to the camera. Goaded on by cheers from his friends and Negreanu himself, his opponent across the table made the call with the “DNegs Hand”: ten-seven of spades.

The ace-high board ran out, and Negreanu finally found some run good in a huge, all-in spot.

“GG (good game),” said Negreanu. “There goes the college fund, let’s go, baby,” Negreanu played up the moment.

Negreanu gets it in with a monster

An excellent ambassador for the game

The response from the poker community was overwhelmingly positive, with most expressing appreciation for Negreanu’s excellent role as a face of the game.

Negreanu didn’t have to make this night happen. I’m sure there were plenty of other things he could have done with his night. Yet, he said yes, and we’re all better for it. These are the decisions that grow our great game.

And, as far as the college funds go, Negreanu helped out with that as well.

Negreanu donated all of his winning right back into the game

Thanks for the great example and for making these kids’ nights, Daniel. I hope you take some of that run good to the WSOP next summer.