Daniel Negreanu: “Why haven’t more people come forward” about Bryn Kenney allegations?

Jon Pill
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Posted on: September 12, 2022 12:10 pm EDT

One of poker’s best-known personalities has some questions about cheating allegations leveled against high roller Bryn Kenney. Daniel Negreanu asked on his Dat Poker Podcast, “Why haven’t more people come forward?”

Negreanu discussed Kenney and his most recent interview with co-hosts Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan. In that interview with host Joey Ingram, Kenney defended himself against allegations by his former horse Martin Zamani which included accusations of cult-like behavior, masterminding a cheating ring, forcing his horses to maintain strict diets, and demanding players use mild-altering drugs derived from frog secretions.

“[Ingram’s interviews] are conversations,” Negreanu said during his podcast. “I think that’s what his draw is. I’m not so sure it worked,” he added.

Negreanu contended Ingram’s style didn’t force Kenney to be 100% clear in his denials, and in the end, didn’t allow for much more clarity on the allegations. Negreanu is a sponsored player at GGPoker, a site where Zamani alleged Kenney’s cheating took place.

Among the many questions Negreanu still has: if the cheating were so rampant and forced on so many horses, why is Zamani the only one to speak publicly about it?

You can watch the full podcast below, or on Daniel Negreanu’s Youtube channel.

Featured image source: WPT, used under CC license.