Doug Polk attempts comedy roast on Twitter

Jon Pill
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Posted on: October 20, 2020 7:15 pm EDT

Doug Polk had a bad weekend.

The ex-pro has been finding his return to poker a little tougher than he initially expected. He’s putting on a good face and trading schoolyard taunts with Negreanu and the rest. But he has been taking a pasting in his practice games.

After having to swallow a huge downswing initially, he had just crawled back up to near even when he moved up to $100/$200 and was hit by another downswing. On Friday he tweeted: “First -100k day in a long time. It’s good to be back.”

Adversity sometimes breeds humility, but not today.

Polk followed his loss tweet with another the next day, saying he was taking “the twitter trash talk down a notch.”

This served as an intro to an epic run of trash talk.

Twain, Mencken, Polk?

Naturally first up in this rogue’s gallery of roasting was Daniel Negreanu. It’s one thing to talk about f***ing the pros, its another to follow through.”

Given Polk’s recent run-in with Christian Soto, it made sense that Soto would be up next in the pro’s sights.

“[Soto] may not have the talent, or the bankroll, or the heart, or good comebacks, or… But he’s still out here every day […]”

Polk clearly takes the view that repetition is a form of comedy…

… repetition is a form of comedy.

Most of these slaggings follow the same format:

“Matt Berkey is a class act. There’s a lot of […] people trying to profit from quality products […] Instead he made  @SolveForWhyTV

“Luke Schwartz is an inspiration […] He keeps getting back up, stepping in the ring, and losing some more.”



Hit ’em where it hurts

Some of the blows land a little harder — as with his swing at Mike Postle, who used (allegedly) his phone to cheat in live-streamed games:

“Mike Postle taught me If you put your head down and work hard, you can achieve anything you set your mind too. Especially if your phone is in your lap.”

Meanwhile, other jibes feel like a stretch: “You can’t go about life without purpose, you have to have an angle. I learned that from Alec Torelli”

Here he is referring to a two-year-old, probably accidental, chip stacking angle-shoot on Torelli’s part.


Polk kicks down at lower stakes players, too: “Johnnie Vibes[…], he’s been winning at $2/$5 for 12 years.”

And kicks up at those in the big league like Antonio Esfandiari. He captions a picture of Esfandiari at Burning man with, “[E]ven if you didnt go to burning man, you are not going to be able to avoid hearing about it.”

But at least Polk ends on a positive note with his shout out to Phil Galfond.

“Phil Galfond is a really nice guy. What? Were you expecting something more?”

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