Doug Polk becomes CoinFLEX’s lead brand ambassador

Jon Pill
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Posted on: December 4, 2021 12:24 am EST

In a press release issued today, Doug Polk has announced that he is now working with CoinFLEX. “My name is Doug Polk,” he told the press. “And I am excited to announce that I have come on board as the lead ambassador of CoinFLEX.”

Poker players know Polk mostly as a high-stakes crusher with $9.5 million in live tourney wins, three WSOP bracelets, and $1.2 million of Daniel Negreanu’s money in his wallet. But Polk has always had interests outside of poker.

His video content is almost as big as his poker career. One of his Youtube channels serves as a major source for poker news and his secondary Youtube channel is on its way to doing something similar for crypto. His current podcast is a fantastic collection of long-form interviews with prominent poker players, crypto influencers, and Jon Hamm.

Last year, he even formed an esports team to compete in professional CSGO tourneys as both the owner and a player. On top of this, he has several business interests, the most prominent of which is Upswing Poker, a poker coaching site.

He has also been really into crypto for a really long time.

“I have had a passion for cryptocurrency for many years,” Polk explained. “In 2013, I started to have a lot of issues with banking — probably the nature of the beast as a professional gambler. But when I first came across Bitcoin, I was immediately hooked; I saw an opportunity that could change the way we view money.”

Surprisingly, given how big a name Polk is, this is his first corporate sponsorship. However, it seems strangely appropriate that his first gig repping a company should be for a crypto corp.

“As CoinFLEX continues to grow,” said Mark Lamb, the CEO of CoinFLEX. “We are excited to partner with Doug Polk, one of the top poker players in the world and an amazing community builder and educator. His reputation precedes him in the poker and crypto worlds and we are looking forward to reaching his audience and expanding the CoinFLEX community with Doug on the team.”

What is CoinFLEX?

CoinFLEX’s business is, as the company bumf puts it, “committed to providing passive investors and active traders an easily accessible platform to earn and trade crypto.”

What caught Polk’s eye were the interesting and innovative tools the company was using to carry out that commitment.

CoinFLEX touts two major USPs. The first is flexUSD, the first interest-producing stablecoin, and the AMM+. The AMM+ is CoinFLEX’s capital-efficient automated market maker.

When deciding whether to join the CoinFLEX team, Polk explained that “the most important questions I asked myself were: do I believe in the core values of what CoinFLEX is trying to accomplish? Are they working on something interesting and unique? Something that can provide value to their customers? The answer is a resounding yes.”

Polk is pretty familiar with the rest of the CoinFLEX team. Especially Charlie Hayward who was previously a part of Polk’s “Convoy”. The Convoy was the group of statisticians who worked behind the scenes to help Polk beat Negreanu. (They were called the Convoy because their job was to help back up the money truck.)

Several of the other backers of CoinFLEX will be familiar to crypto nerds — names like Roger Ver, Mike Komaransky, Polychain Capital, and Dragonfly Capital.

As part of the announcement, Polk is offering a Twitter draw to win a cut of $2,000 worth of flexUSD.

Players can enter by retweeting and liking Polk’s announcement tweet, tagging a friend in-line, and following the CoinFLEX Twitter account.

Featured image source: Upswing Poker