Doug Polk launches brand new podcast series

Jon Pill
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Posted on: July 13, 2021 1:40 am EDT

Doug Polk launched a new podcast last week. So far he has one episode up and is looking for guests to come on for future episodes.

Named during a fit of creative inspiration, the podcast is called “Doug Polk Podcast.” This is not to be confused with the long-dead “The Doug Polk Show,” another podcast Polk launched back in the mid-2010s.

The first episode of Doug Polk Podcast sees Doug chatting with Bill Perkins, Jason Mo, and Kevin Rabichow about how the match between Perkins and Landon Tice panned out.

“Young poker-pro Landon Tice agreed to pay businessman Bill Perkins $3,600 for every 100 hands the two played in a $200/$400 heads-up challenge,” reads the Spotify description of the episode. “The match was meant to last 20,000 hands, but Landon threw in the towel less than 25% of the way to the finish line. Doug Polk is joined by Jason Mo, Kevin Rabichow and Bill Perkins to parse out the not-so-epic conclusion to the match.”

Joining in

So far, so topical. And Polk’s on the lookout for more guests. He tweeted recently asking for guests to volunteer to come on the show. It’s a good opportunity to plug your stuff to an audience of Polk’s fans. Assuming he’ll have you on.

Polk tweeted the invitation: “Scheduling out guests for the podcast. Anyone, in particular, you would like to hear on the show? Any topics you would like to hear discussion on? Anything is fair game.”

Max Silver suggested a podcast on reconciliation with Luke Schwartz, Daniel Negreanu, and Bryn Kenney. Polk declined that idea on the grounds that there was little more to say on the subject of Negreanu. Though he left the door open to chatting with Kenney and maybe even Schwartz.

“I think Negreanu and I have buried the hatchet/said our piece at this point,” Polk wrote. “Luke is a lunatic but also can be pretty funny at times, ill think about that one. I’d be happy to chat with Bryn.”

His video on Youtube suggested he might not be as done with Negreanu as he likes to claim.

You too, YouTube

He also launched a “news” video on his YouTube channel over the weekend. This is his first video commentary on the Polk v. Negreanu challenge in over a year. His previous non-Negreanu-challenge video was called: “This Is My Final Poker Video.” As with most earlier times Polk has quit poker-related stuff, that promise didn’t stick.

Polk hasn’t entirely escaped the Negreanu train. His Twitter summary of the Youtube video reads: “Daniel Negreanu’s EPIC Losing Streak Continues New video of poker news topics, including a recap of DNeg’s unreal and very costly run of heads-up losses that has lasted almost *8 years*.”

This return to online content comes after Polk’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team was eliminated from this season’s play-offs. The free time this generated has clearly gone into the old YouTube show and the new podcast.

The heads-up battle with Daniel Negreanu did its part to keep Doug Polk in the news cycle, and was good publicity for his training site, Upswing Poker.

With that in the past, it looks like Polk is returning to old ways of keeping his profile up. As the frontman for Upswing, and a part-owner, maintaining relevance in the poker world is in his wallet’s best interest. Even if he’s no longer planning on playing the game.

The return of polkernews and the launch of his new podcast should help him generate publicity. Plus, Polk seems to be enjoying the creative process.

“Really impressed with YouTube viewership right now,” he wrote. “Seems extremely active. Great time to get back into making some content.”

Featured image source: screencap from Spotify