‘Doyle Brunson Legacy’ Twitter/X account deals highlights from Tex Dolly’s poker career

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: February 6, 2024 12:56 pm EST

Doyle Brunson, the legendary Godfather of Poker who passed away last year at the age of 89, will be living on in the form of Brunson’s popular @texdolly account on X (formerly Twitter). The account, now known as “Doyle Brunson Legacy”, will offer many of his famed sayings, poker content and much more, all of which will continue to be shared with the poker community.

The reborn account will be operated by Poker Royalty, the agency that has represented an elite lineup of poker pros including Brunson. Poker Royalty’s Jesse Fullen currently serves as the @texdolly account’s primary curator, though as he told PokerOrg, “It’s a team effort,” as Brunson left behind a large library of content and history that can now be tapped for the legacy account.

Doyle Brunson Legacy has moved forward with the full blessing of Doyle’s son, Todd Brunson, who will also supply some of the content and photos. The @texdolly account sprang back to life in December with the first of a large library of “Doyleisms”, famed sayings attributed to Brunson throughout his life and career.

The Doyleisms are currently scheduled to appear weekly, alongside other Doyle-related content. This week saw another debut in the form of outtakes from the classic “Dear Doyle” letters that appeared for years in Poker Player Newspaper. According to Fullen, at least 30 such outtakes from Brunson’s classic column are already planned for republication in an altered form, many of which will offer still-valuable poker strategy and advice.

Other forms of content will also be offered on the special legacy account. It’s even possible that something from Brunson’s last branding deal, with the World Poker Tour, could find a new outlet for the poker public to enjoy.

Continuation of ‘Doyle Brunson Day’ plans

Another aspect of the Doyle legacy account plays into the hopes and plans of Poker Royalty founder Brian Balsbaugh to grow October 2 – symbolizing 10-2, the famed “Doyle” hand – into a larger day of celebration throughout poker.

At the Celebration of Life ceremony in Brunson’s memory held at the World Series Poker last summer, Balsbaugh first made public his concept of turning October 2 into Doyle Brunson Day, a poker-specific holiday of sorts throughout the poker world, The day would continue to honor Brunson in perpetuity while also giving poker itself a special holiday to celebrate and publicize. Those plans continue, with hopes for more participation in 2024 and beyond.

“We want to keep Doyle’s account active with things he gave to the poker community,” Fullen told PokerOrg. “That includes Doylisms, the ‘Dear Doyle’ letters, and other special memories from his life and career. It all fits into the plans for continuing to celebrate Doyle’s monumental contributions to the game, with the annual Doyle Brunson Day also an important part of that effort.”

Feature image source courtesy Poker Royalty