Dusk Till Dawn launches Friday Night Poker with a surprise assist from Sam Trickett

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: December 22, 2023 9:55 pm EST

Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club launched its Friday Night Poker show today with a Christmas Special featuring one of the legends of the game: Sam Trickett.

It’s been a while since Trickett last made waves in the poker world and his return to the felt came highly anticipated.

The game streamed live on Dusk Till Dawn’s YouTube channel and you can check out the full replay below.

PokerOrg spoke with Dusk till Dawn Casino owner and high stakes cash game player Rob Yong about the show’s launch and the work happening behind-the-scenes in Nottingham.

It’s a great to see Sam Trickett back playing poker–we thought he’d gone for good. It’s going to get a lot of people excited and get eyeballs on the stream. Is it a special appearance or is he going to be a fixture on the Friday Night Poker show?

Rob Yong: Sam is in UK for Xmas so I arranged a game–not sure he will play much, he’s doing other stuff nowadays. I think all the GTO stuff has put him off poker a bit.

You’ve battled with Trickett a lot in the past–have you played with him at all recently? Is his game still sharp?

RY: Yes, we have played a lot against each other. Generally, he has got the better of me. Sam is a feel player – when he’s confident he’s hard to play against that’s for sure.

What else can we expect from DTD this year? Are the players going to be mostly UK-based or from all over the world?

RY: I think we will invite lots of friends to DTD and our new high stakes casino, ONYX. I’m sure with all our contacts we can create some fun games.

We see you comment on livestream cash games on Twitter quite often—are you taking any cues from the other stream houses in the running of DTD’s games?

RY: Yes. I watch all the streams, I like them all, I tried to play on everyone’s last year. HCL is raw – I like it, PokerGO and Triton are more polished, The Lodge is good, and I’ve seen the new Ballys one. I think DTD & Onxy work with everyone rather than compete–it’s more fun for us than work.

We replaced the old DTD stream. PokerGO helped us a lot to design the set and we created DTD Player as a brand. We have also built a stream at Merit, it’s a fun project, we don’t have grand plans, but probably will work with all our friends and partners to create some games.