EPT Prague: Satubayev wins High Roller for €415,600 after heads-up deal

Andrew Burnett
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Posted on: December 18, 2023 10:51 am EST

Shyngis Satubayev closed out the PokerStars EPT Prague festival last night by taking down the €10,300 High Roller, the unheralded Kazakhstan player pocketing €415,600 after a heads-up deal with Frenchman Antoine Saout.

As the Main Event drew to a close, the high-rollers were playing out their own finale in a quiet corner of the King’s Casino Prague, the initial field of 240 runners decimated over the first two days.

In the money, the remaining 24 players were looking for an even bigger share of the €2,328,000 prize pool, with a top 6 finish worth six-figures.

Paul Newey fell short of that, the English amateur high roller finishing 20th for a €30,450 cash, with Sweden’s Simon Matsson 14th for €40,250. At the final table, a win would have taken Juan Pardo through the $10 million milestone, but the Spanish pro had to settle for 5th spot when his turn-shove with a flush draw missed on the river.

Shyngis Satubayev at the EPT Prague High Roller final table
Kazakhstan’s Satubayev – or Satubaev – cashed in two Triton High Rollers earlier this year

Margereson coolered

England’s Scott Margereson fell victim to a massive cooler, his 13BB button shove running into two much-better hands…

Scott Margereson: A♣9❤️
Tarmo Tammel: A♦️A♠
Antoine Saout: J♦️J♠

Flop: 9♠4♣K♠

Turn: 6♣

River: 7♦️

Tammel tripled up but Margereson hit the rails in 4th spot for a €168,850 payday.

Down to just three, the players discussed a deal but couldn’t make any headway and when play resumed it was Tammel who would have to settle for 3rd spot, taking several hits and eventually falling to Satubayev when all the chips went in pre-flop.

Tarmo Tammel: K♠6♠
Shyngis Satubayev: A♠J♦️

Flop: Q♦Q♣9♦️

Turn: 8❤️

River: 7♠

Antoine Saout, runner-up in the EPT Prague High Roller poker tournament
Saout is in the top 5 on the France all-time money list

Done deal

Heads-up did see a deal done, Saout locking up €383,700 and Satubayev €375,600, with €40,000 and the EPT Golden Shard trophy still to play for.

It didn’t take too long to separate the pair, Satubayev shoving the button and Saout calling in the big blind, after which it was off to the races.

Antoine Saout: 2♣2

Shyngis Satubayev: K♦️6♠

Flop: A♦6❤️5♣

Turn: Q❤️

River: 5❤️

With that, Satubayev was crowned EPT High Roller champion, lifting the trophy and his third-biggest career cash. He is listed under the alternative spelling of his surname, Satubaev, on the Hendon Mob, which lists the winner here as ‘Unknown player’.

Final results

PositionPlayerPrize Money
1Shyngis Satubayev€415,600*
2Antoine Saout€383,700*
3Tarmo Tammel€219,550
4Scott Margereson€168,850
5Juan Pardo €129,900
6Anton Suarez€101,450
7Kubanychbek Abakirov€84,550
8Christopher Nguyen€70,450
9Salih Atac€61,250
*Denotes a heads-up deal

Images courtesy of PokerStars Live