Explaining the concept behind “running it twice” in Texas Hold’em

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Posted on: July 16, 2020 5:48 pm EDT

Running it twice can be a great way to win more money – or lose a lot more

Some poker rooms and poker sites across the globe allow something that is called “running it twice,” which can be done at any point when three requirements are met. This is a concept that is worth understanding in case it is proposed in one of Texas Hold’em events you will play in the future, so you will know how to act. This action means that all players active in the hand agree that the remainder of the hand is dealt twice, and the pot is split, so who wins the first hand gets the first half of the pot and so the winner of the second round of cards, who will get the second half of the pot.

There are three conditions that need to happen together in order to run it twice, with the first one being, of course, that the poker room or site allows to run it multiple times. Second, all players involved in the hand have to have gone all-in already and third, all active players in the hand have to agree to run it twice. In this scenario, a player could lose both boards and walk away with empty hands, win one and lose one to at least get half of the pot, or win both boards and get the whole pot.

Usually, poker sites list this rule – if it is allowed – in their terms and conditions, but, with land-based poker rooms, you can ask the floor is this is something possible – it is a good resource to use at some point. Some scenarios would even allow players to run it even more than just twice; however, this happens on exceptional occasions.