Four stabbed in poker-room attack at Washington State casino

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: December 13, 2022 4:37 pm EST

A violent stabbing attack beginning in Washington State’s Last Frontier Casino, a poker-only facility, has left four people injured and the alleged attacker, Scott Robert Harmier, in Clark County (WA) jail on multiple assault charges. The incident began shortly midnight in the casino’s poker room and ended after a brief, high-speed pursuit on a nearby interstate highway..

A flash statement from the Clark County (WA) Sheriff’s Department offers some of the early details known about the attack. Authorities responded to multiple 911 calls from the La Center, WA casino, just north of Vancouver, to find several bloodied victims. Harmier, 41, of Vancouver, allegedly committed a “random, unprovoked attack,” as the sheriff’s department’s bulletin stated. Harmier, described as a bald, heavy-set man, used what was described as a hunting knife in the attacks before fleeing the property.

“Detectives were able to review video from the casino,” the Clark County statement disclosed. “The video showed the suspect sitting at a poker table when he reached down with his right hand and grabbed something. Without provocation or warning, the suspect then appeared to stand and began to stab the male sitting to his left approximately five times in the head and chest area. 

“Multiple patrons attempted to intervene, but the suspect began swinging the knife at them. The suspect then approached a female that was sitting at the same poker table and appeared to try and stab the female three times. The suspect then chased a male outside into the parking lot while swinging at the male. The male fell to the ground and the suspect appeared to stab him two more times. A large amount of blood was on the ground in the parking lot where he was stabbed. The suspect was then seen getting into a white sedan and driving off.”

A fourth victim was wounded during the melee as well. All of the stabbing victims are expected to survive, and three of the four were released early on Tuesday.

Harmier arrested after vehicular chase

Harmier succeeded in fleeing the casino and reaching his car, and he began driving south on Interstate 205 toward Vancouver. Clark County sheriff’s patrols had his vehicle’s description within minutes, however, and after spotting the white Nissan sedan on I-205, began a brief high-speed pursuit that topped 100 mph and ended after officers successfully PITted Harmier’s vehicle.

Harmier was arrested and booked on suspicion of four counts of first-degree assault and, as PokerOrg has verified, is being held at the Clark County (WA) Jail. Harmier will be arraigned at 8:30 am Wednesday on the four felony charges. (Update: Late on Tuesday, a fifth charge, felony eluding, was added to the counts facing Harmier — hh.)

Vancouver’s The Columbian reports that Harmier has a prior, lengthy criminal record dating to the late ’90s, with convictions on charges including “drug possession and domestic violence, including with a deadly weapon.”

Last Frontier issues statement

The Last Frontier Casino issued a brief statement on Facebook in the wake of Monday night’s attack. “It is with great sadness that we share that on 12/12/2022, an unprovoked and surprise attack occurred at our casino involving our customers.

“The suspect is in custody with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department and the Sheriff’s Department is undertaking an active investigation into this matter,” the statement continued. The Facebook post also offered e-mail and phone links to the sheriff’s department for witnesses who could share additional information related to the attacks and stated that counseling services for the attack’s victims may be offered.

“Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all affected,” the statement concluded.

Featured image source: Facebook / Last Frontier Casino