Galfond maintains a lead in the Galfond Challenge despite major losses

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Posted on: May 26, 2020 8:11 pm EDT

ActionFreak is putting up a good fight against the poker pro, but continues to suffer

The exciting Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) poker challenge between pro player Phil Galfond and his opponent “ActionFreak” is heading to its final session. Galfond still has the lead in the challenge, despite the massive loss he registered on Day 19 of the competition. ActionFreak, who is considered the toughest challenge for Galfond, has been cutting down the distance Galfond gained, when he won nearly $340,297 since Day 3.

This third challenge has been different from the one against “VeniVidi1993,” which was concluded a couple of months ago. That first battle showed an unfocused and unstable Galfond who, at one point, was behind his opponent for more than $1 million. Even though he won, he rushed the whole time to cut down the difference and even during the last session nobody thought he would win. It was surely a miraculous achievement. But against ActionFreak, Galfond has maintained a sizeable lead since Day 3, despite several massive wins ActionFreak scored in previous sessions.

The current challenge has only 886 hands more to go, with Galfond having a nice lead of around $260,929. This PLO challenge was set up at 15,000 hands played in $164/$323 stakes and the loser has to pay an additional $164,660 from a side bet. The final session will be played today, and anyone can watch the session livestreamed on the Run it Once Twitch channel. Yesterday’s session had ActionFreak winning almost $185,000 in just 820 hands; however, despite the massive wins he has been able to register since Day 9, he hasn’t been able to cut that lead short. ActionFreak must win the equivalent of eight full buy-ins — set at $32,932 per buy-in — today or he will lose the Galfond Challenge and owe his opponent the additional side bet.