Game of Gold finale–PokerOrg’s predictions and bets for the endgame

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: December 7, 2023 7:17 pm EST

The end is nigh, folks.

Game of Gold Season One comes to a close, with the final episode set to air Friday at 12:00pm UTC. The new show from GGPoker and Poker After Dark has taken the poker community by storm, debuting to near unanimous praise.

With the end in sight, we at PokerOrg have come up with some fun, hypothetical betting lines for audiences to ponder. Plus, we’ll take a look at each surviving players’ strengths and weakness and give our predictions for who will win it all.

Player Pros and Cons

Maria Ho

Pro: Will genuinely have the other players worried after her performances so far.

Con: Appears to have already used most of her chips as time extensions

Johan “Yoh Viral” Guilbert

Pro: May still have the horseshoe up his *ss from the Indian Poker round.

Con: The oversized, heavy sunglasses he wore during the heads-up round appear to have impacted his ability to breathe through his nose

Kyna England

Pro: Is used to being the last one standing.

Con: Not everyone can be relied upon to mis-click at key moments like David Williams

Kyna England alt winner photo

Fedor Holz

Pro: He’s the (not so) Young Prince.

Con: It’s not 2016 anymore

Con: May be too distracted trying to improve his chip tricks to concentrate

Josh Arieh

Pro: Has specialist insider knowledge (only person that knows how to pronounce his surname)

Con: Everyone else that says “Let’s Go!” as many times as he does, has paid with their tournament life

Josh Arieh

Dan “Jungleman” Cates

Pro: Has been to India.

Pro: Dressed like a leprechaun (lucky)

Con: Afraid of girls

Con: May still have ayahuasca in his bloodstream

The Spectral Presence of Charlie Carrel

Pro: Who knows what powers he can muster thanks to his spirituality/meditation/throat singing practices?

Pro: Possesses so much confidence that he may still win the whole thing, despite being eliminated

Charlie Carrel on Game of Gold

PokerOrg’s Game of Gold Sportsbook

To Win

  • Maria Ho +500
  • Johan “Yoh Viral” Guilbert +700
  • Josh Arieh +600
  • Fedor Holz +300
  • Dan “Jungleman” Cates +500
  • Kyna England +1000

Player Props and Miscellaneous Bets

  • Over/Under: “GGs” — 6.5
  • Over/Under: “Let’s Goooo” — 5.5
  • Eating at the Table -250
  • Fedor Holz Top 2 Finish +110
  • Jungleman Asleep -500
  • Jungleman Says “Go f**k yourself” +300
  • Yoh Viral French Tirade +300
  • Kyna England Self-deprecating Joke -200
  • Maria Ho Hero Fold -125
  • Yes or No: Jungleman Stays in Leprechaun Character
  • Yes or No: Surprise Twist at Final Table
  • Yes or No: Live mis-click

PokerOrg Prediction

It’s hard to say which of these players will stand alone at the end of tomorrow’s proceedings. In truth, any one of them has the chops to win, but who knows how the cards will fall?

We’re big fans of the underdog here, so our pick to win it all is…Kyna England. Yes, she has the least amount of gold coins/big blinds headed into the final round, but this is poker. There’s chance involved, luck, the intangibles of gambling.

England has, thus far, been heavily underestimated through the first three rounds of play, but she’s still in the game while some of the so-called “better” players are long gone–that’s got to mean something.

Go get ’em, Kyna, we’re rooting for you!

The final episode of Game of Gold Season One airs tomorrow, Friday December 8th, at 12:00pm UTC on the GGPoker YouTube channel.