GGPoker announces special $1M ‘Flip & Go Millionaire’ tourney

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: October 29, 2022 5:39 pm EDT

GGPoker has announced a special ‘Flip & Go Millionaire’ event to run in early November with at least $1 million in prize money to be awarded. The online event, available to the site’s international (non-U.S.) players on offers a low-priced entry toward a possible huge payday with its $11 buy-in.

Satellite entries to the special event offer even less-expensive options, with the lowest-priced satellites available for just 11 cents.

The Flip & Go Millionaire’s “Flip” stages begin on November 1 and run for ten days, with all winners of the Flips moving on to the “Go” stage on November 11, when the prize money will be awarded. GGPoker describes the event as its “biggest and richest Flip & Go tournament to date.

GGPoker’s online Flip & Go qualifiers mirror the live-format that debuted at the 2019 World Series of Poker. All players seated at a single table are dealt three cards. They must immediately discard one of the three to leave themselves a standard two-hole-cards hold’em hand. Then the board is dealt, with no further betting or other action by the players. The five community cards can be combined with each player’s hole cards, and the player with the overall best hand wins the Flip and moves on the Go stage and the prize money.

The online format employed by GGPoker for November’s Flip & Go Millionaire adds one additional wrinkle. Players can select a buy-in multiplier when registering for an $11 flip, which gives them a larger starting stack. The overall winner of the Flip is then the last player to have chips, which may take multiple hands to determine. The winner’s chips are transferred forward to the Go stage on November 11, which then plays out as a standard no-limit hold’em event.

“Flip & Go Millionaire will allow players to turn pennies into a share of a million,” said Sarne Lightman, Global Head of GGPoker. “This format gets players to the most exciting part of the poker tournament faster than ever – it has been designed to maximize the fun, maximize the prizes and accommodate as many players as possible!”

More information on the early-November event is available at

Featured image source: GGPoker