GGPoker issues refunds after probability error uncovered in ‘Spin and Gold’ games

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: November 30, 2023 3:20 pm EST

GGPoker has issued refunds to players who participated in the site’s “Spin and Gold” jackpot-awarding games after discovering a coding error that had assigned a slightly higher probability of occurring than officially published.

Though relatively minor in percentage terms, the error still generated additional and unintended revenue for GGPoker during the month and a half the error was active and went undiscovered. The programming error went live on October 6, 2023 and was noticed on November 21, 2023. The error involved only the lowest-multiplier “Spin and Gold” payout, the “2x” level.

The error also affected only three-player Spin and Gold tables; six-player tables available in the format were not affected by the software error.

‘2x’ payouts occurred 1% too frequently

As GGPoker explained in a recent blog post, Spin and Gold “2x” payouts, the most common payout level, were supposed to occur 47.61% of the time. Instead, as the blog post explained, the 2x payouts actually occurred 48.76% of the time, a little over 1% higher. That 1% of games instead should have been spread across Spin and Gold tables that produced higher-multiplier jackpots.

“We want to be totally transparent here; this was a mistake made by GGPoker, it had an adverse impact on our community and we take full responsibility for it,” the site wrote. “We corrected the game configuration as soon as possible and fully refunded the extra amount collected to players who participated in the affected games during the time period stated above.”

GGPoker also stated that all players adversely affected by the error have already been fully refunded, with the funds already deposited into player accounts. It’s the second such coding error involving GGPoker and jackpot-style games that has occurred this year. In April, the site discovered and refunded players for a similarly incorrect payout percentage in its All-In Fortune games.