How to play QQ or AK preflop in Texas Hold’em

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Posted on: June 2, 2020 6:44 pm EDT

Being dealt top paint doesn’t necessarily make a winning hand

In Texas Hold’em, getting pocket QQ or AK have very similar equity, which means that these hands can be treated in the same way while in preflop action. This is a hand that can easily create confusion regarding what is the best thing to do, given the opportunities it brings. Of course, having pocket QQ is better than just having AK. For instance, if you get AK and the pot shows AA or KK, the greatest odds are not for you; however, if you get the same cards holding QQ, you can still take advantage of being a sizeable underdog.

The biggest dilemma when facing this hand is what to do on the preflop. These are surely tricky hands and although it is ok to go all in sometimes, it is also a good decision to fold when facing major pressure. These are definitely situation hands in which the proper action will depend on a number of other variables.

As in every poker hand, position matters. For instance, when holding QQ or AK while in late position, you can praise your luck. A good position will almost always give you an edge, so playing any hand would be much easier. On the other hand, if you are out of position, these cards can be dangerous, as they can be easily bully around; one good thing is that, while in late positions, these cards will give you fold equity. Something worth trying is to go all in to force other players to fold, most likely the ones who don’t are the ones that could possibly beat you.

Typically speaking, both hands are worthy of some good preflop action, even if you choose not to go all in. However, if you do decide to go all-in, it would be better to do it while in position, so you are the last one placing a bet.