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WSOP Circuit Choctaw
July 17, 2023
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July 17, 2023
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Harvey Castro wins the WSOPC Choctaw Main Event for $275,660


Harvey Castro Wins WSOPC Choctaw Main Event ($275,660); Chris Staats Finishes in 2nd Place ($174,980)

After a couple of jams from Harvey Castro, Chris Staats was down to 4.1 million.

Castro moved all in again, and this time Staats called.

Staats was at risk with 9 8, needing to improve against Castro's J 5.

The board ran out K 2 3 7 Q and Castro celebrated with his rail before giving props to Staats for his deep run.

Harvey Castro - 41,100,000
Chris Staats - Runner-up for $174,980


Harvey’s Massive TWO-OUTER to get HEADS UP IN THE MAIN EVENT!!