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WSOP Tournament of Champions
May 22, 2024
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May 28, 2024
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Dong Meng wins the WSOP Tournament of Champions ($200,000)

Dong Meng Dong Meng by Alicia Skillman

Dong Meng is officially the champion of champions in this first World Series of Poker bracelet event of the season.

Meng emerged victorious after five days of battling against the field of 559 entrants in this Tournament of Champions at The Commerce Casino and Hotel.

Dong Meng Dong Meng by Alicia Skillman

Meng won his seat into this $1 million freeroll by winning the $1,000 Flip 'n Go bracelet event this past summer for $160,469. Now, he's parlayed that into an even bigger score of $200,000 today. 

2024 Tournament of Champions final table results

Place Player Prize
1 Dong Meng $200,000
2 Kevin Will $120,000
3 Nathan Wasson $87,000
4 Richard Gebhart $63,000
5 Cody Bell $46,000
6 Ramon Kropmanns $35,000
7 Scott Dulaney $26,000
8 Alan Merdita $20,000
9 John West $16,000

Action of the day

Meng came into the day fourth of eight in chips when they restarted. He wasn't too active early, sitting back and watching chips fly among the other players while he picked his spots carefully. 

Sometimes, he picked those spots at the wrong time. Even in those spots, he cut his losses to keep himself in the mix, realizing when to wave the white flag. 

In other spots, he had his opponent outkicked and just had to click the call button to collect the chips. That was how Scott Dulaney met his end in 7th place when he couldn't get away from top pair against Meng.

A critical hand came when he was put to the test by Ramon Kropmanns. They both hand a combo draw on the turn, but Meng had a pair with his on the board. Kropmanns moved all in with his . Meng made a flush on the river to begin his late path to victory. 

Dong Meng and Kevin Will Dong Meng and Kevin Will by Alicia Skillman

"I think I got really lucky," Meng told Natalie Bode in a tableside interview. four-handed. "I won two all ins consecutively," said the meek Meng.

The four final players developed a loose and talkative environment at the table even with so much money in play, and Meng enjoyed it.

"I really like the current situation, said Meng. "Those guys are great guys to play with. I'm just trying to play the cards I'm dealt and not make too many mistakes."

Mistakes are hard to make when you're holding quads, and he somehow still extracted loads of value from the ace-high of Kevin Will.

Closing out the series in style

This is the first time the World Series of Poker has come to the Commerce Casino and Hotel. The turnout was great for the housewarming. 

A total of 1,467 entrants took place in the $1,700 Main Event which built a prize pool of $2,222,505, blowing the $1 million guarantee out of the water. 

Dong Meng with his Bracelet Dong Meng with his Bracelet by Alicia Skillman

Of the 559 entrants into the Tournament of Champions, 100 of them took home some of the prize pool, many of whom plan to carry it with them to the upcoming Vegas summer series. 

Meng takes home the first coveted WSOP bracelet of the season as well as the best live cash of his career according to Hendon Mob

Dong Meng's WSOP Bracelet Dong Meng WSOP Bracelet by Alicia Skillman

Congratulations to Dong Meng for his impressive victory and for his impressive victory against fellow WSOP winners at the Tournament of Champions!

Kevin Will eliminated in 2nd place ($120,000); Dong Meng is your champion ($200,000)

Kevin Will Kevin Will by Alicia Skillman

Blinds 150k/250k/250k - 2/559 players remaining

Kevin Will jammed for 4.5 million holding and Dong Meng snap-called holding , putting Wild Will at risk.

The dealer fanned the flop and Meng remained ahead, in prime position to snag his second World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

The turn changed things a bit, giving Will the lead with a pair of fives.

The river came through for Meng with the though, and he secured the pot while sending Will to the rail in 2nd place for a hefty consolation prize worth $120,000. 

Meng will pocket $200,000 for his impressive performance. 

A full recap will be posted shortly!

Dong Meng Dong Meng by Alicia Skillman